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Let's get right to it. Did you see Survivor last night? It was Good Television! I didn't expect a lot from it, since it was the first episode and generally those aren't too interesting, but when the women won the immunity challenge--WOW! I was gleeful. That men's tribe had been such jerks about the women; saying the women wouldn't win even one challenge and how they were probably hungry and crying over in their camp, yadda yadda blah blah. Well, in your Face, space coyotes! The women kicked your asses! It was beautiful. Francisco and the Boy sort of allied themselves with the men, so when the men lost I got to lord it over them. And I did, because ain't Nobody going to mock the women and get away with it (even though they were annoying at times). It was sweet, sweet justice.

Second Issue. You know those crosswalks with the stripes that are located away from intersections, but pedestrians have the right of way there? Why won't any pedestrians Take the right of way? I'm always stopping at those crosswalks when I see someone waiting to cross, but they just continue to stand on the sidewalk, glancing nervously up and down the street. Crosswalk people--move your asses! You make me even later for work; why must you be such wussies?

So, Valentines Day. This is my parents' anniversary--they're going away for the weekend and, knowing them, much champagne will be consumed. I love their love of champagne and I hope they have a Fantastic time. As for me and my house, we shall eat pot roast. Francisco is making dinner (pot roast, probably something like potatoes or a rice thing, and roasted asparagus) and we'll watch a Netflick. We considered going out tonight, but didn't consider it long, because everywhere will be a mob scene, and we hate crowds. BUT, Francisco surprised me today by showing up and taking me to lunch, and that was fun. I love seeing him during the day--it makes everything better. Tonight's plan, then, is as follows: Work until about 5:40 (making up for coming in late), go home, put on pajamas, pour wine, have dinner/watch movie. Put Boy to bed; make the sweet sweet loving. Francisco and I will then probably lay around and watch a South Park rerun if it's on, and fall asleep to women jumping on trampolines (the Man Show).

No big plans for the weekend, except tomorrow night we're meeting up with friends to have sushi and possibly see a movie. It is one of our friends' birthday dinner (her birthday was Tuesday), and it should be a fun time. Otherwise this weekend, I want to finish a few projects, because tomorrow I'm starting my big Getting In Shape project which will take precedence over all others. This is going to kick ass!

I just made a cd for the Boy; he was requesting I "bring home" a particular mp3 I have at work, so I stuck it on a cd with 16 others. I'm giving the cd to him, with a bar of good chocolate, for Valentine's day, and he will like it. He better remember this stuff when he's grown up. When he gets to that stage where he's thinking about his life and trying to figure out where to point the long, bony finger of blame, he needs to remember the times I made him cds and rented his favorite movies without him asking, and point that finger Elsewhere. He's such a good boy.

In my plan for the night I need to insert, "sit with Esther on lap" immediately after "pour wine". She is indispensable. That is all.

Have a great night!


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