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The question that needs to be raised is, is there a perfume that smells exactly like a fresh-squeezed lemon, and if so, where can I buy it? I don't think there's a smell better than a freshly squeezed lemon, and I would love to walk around smelling like that all day. But not like lemon pledge, or one of those fake lemon smells; those are icky. So, have you smelled a really good lemon perfume? I would be grateful for an email or guestbook signing that could point me in the right lemony direction.

Is there anything better than a warm, sleepy puppy? The answer is no. No there isn't. My new puppy friend is here again today and I've given him some small treats. He is clearly very smart, because I can tell he's chosen me as one of his best friends, and a less smart puppy would take one or two more days to figure out how the treats and the best friend thing go hand in hand. I think we'll be pals for a good long time, or at least until I move away. Also, it is not inconceivable that I'll make him a sweater at some point.

I don't usually go so long without updating, but this weekend I just didn't feel like it. And in "weekend" I am including both Monday, when we were trapped in the house due to weather, and yesterday when I stayed home from work because Boy was sick and I was taking him to a doctor appointment I had made a week prior. Thank god I made that appointment, because it was with his actual primary care doctor, and his doctor is very good at being doctory. He did Not give us the old virus brush-off, which was good because I would've had to freak out and start insisting on tests and refuse to leave until something was done. What he did was a good exam, including much listening to Boy breathe, and he said Boy has bronchitis. Boy has probably had it since December, and the 3 other doctors he's seen since then have just not done a good enough exam and didn't catch it. I mean, the child has been constantly sick since mid-December, and how could anyone consider that normal? I can't understand why we got the brush-off from those other doctors. Anyway, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic (which made me very happy) and a inhaler thing to help relax his bronchiae (sp?). He's already feeling a bit better today and will go back to school tomorrow, as long as the fevers stay away.

Sunday I overheard Francisco singing in the downstairs bathroom, and I warned him it was going in the diary, so he shouldn't be surprised. You know that song, "He's got the whole world in his hands"? I heard him singing that, except he was singing, "I've got the whole world up my butt". I thought that was pretty funny, but I thought it was Really funny when he got to the second verse, "I've got the little bitty babies up my butt". We are gross people and Francisco likes to make up songs about pooping, and his own pooping experiences in particular. He also likes to speak in hyperbole when describing the volume of his poop--this is all part of his charm.

I spent all of Sunday and Monday in my pajamas, and it was great. I mean, I took showers, but then I put on clean pajamas and continued lounging around. What was the point of being dressed when you cannot leave your house? We got another ice storm on Saturday night, but fortunately it wasn't nearly as bad as the last one, and we didn't lose our electricity. Work was closed on Monday, as were most things, including the 'Toot n'Tell Family Restaurant' in Raleigh [I am not making that name up--I saw it come up on the "closed businesses" thing on the TEEvee]. Saturday I did all my cleaning and laundry, in case the electricity went out, so Sunday and Monday I was all caught up and free to do fun things. I worked on my long-lost sweater (started in November, I think, and abandoned until Sunday) and played cribbage with Boy and Francisco and read and watched too much television. One thing I watched was every Buffy rerun I came across, which were several. That show has become a full-blown addiction for me now, and I blame my friend Diana, who was the first 30-something person I know who watches the show, and whose recommendation was compelling. I even had Buffy-related dreams last night, and also, last night's new episode was really good. Francisco watched it with us--I think he might be a little hooked too, because this weekend he watched parts of some reruns with us. I Hope he's hooked, anyway, because that show is fun and I think he would enjoy it on a regular basis.

While I'm on the subject of television, let me just briefly discuss Joe Millionaire. I have to say, it was a fairly satisfying outcome. He chose the better person of the two, and she seemed happy to be chosen, after she got over being lied to, so they both won, especially since they got half a million dollars each. I'm very aggravated that there is a follow-up episode next Monday, because I thought I'd be done with that show after the final one, but I am too curious not to watch. I want to see if they're Really going to try for a relationship or if it's going to fizzle. I'm sort of betting on Fizzle, but maybe I'll be surprised. I am grudgingly conceding that the necklaces are probably real, because if the producers would give a million dollars away at the end, why wouldn't they actually spring for real jewels? They probably would, so okay, real necklaces. This is such a shame.

I had the best squid salad on Saturday night. We went to sushi with friends and it was good sushi and the place also had other good things, like the marinated squid salad. It was a Japanese and Thai place, which usually means that both cuisines are mediocre, but not this time. I got a small bowl of the Tom Kha Gai soup, and man oh man, it was delicious. I wish that place was closer to where we live, because I would go there pretty often if it were.

I'm already hungry and it's not even 3:00. This makes me sad; I think I'll have a diet soda to try and trick my stomach for a little while. Have a good afternoon!


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