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We saw Serenity last night, as planned, and I am not going to tell you anything about it, because I don't want to spoil it even a little for anyone. I WILL say it was at least as fantastic as I'd expected, and I loved it. What a ride!

We went to a 6:15 showing, and there was no line to stand in to get into the theater, but the theater ended up completely full--we were lucky to be there early enough to get decent seats. On our way out we saw people lined up for the next showing, and it looked to be a rowdy and festive line, but I decided I was glad we didn't have to do that. We saw some people dressed as characters from the movie and that was kind of fun. I took a picture of the line, from a distance, but I now wish I'd gotten some pictures of the dressed up people. Meh. Looks like the movie will have the huge opening weekend it needs to hopefully secure a sequel.

In other news, ..... . I can't think of any other news, actually, though I think I had stuff to talk about before Serenity drove all else from my mind. Francisco and I are about to go for a walk this morning, and this afternoon I'm going shopping for some clothes and maybe even a pair of shoes. I hate shopping so much, but my desire for new stuff to wear, now that it's cooling down, is overriding the loathing.

To sum up, Serenity is an excellent movie and you really don't need to have seen Firefly to enjoy it, and I'm going to buy some pants.

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