If Esther had ever shown evidence of a sense of humor, it would help me understand her behavior sometimes. Specifically, I could understand why, when she and Lucy were both laying against me at 1:45 this morning, she felt the need to do whatever she was doing that was irritating Lucy and making her growl. Because I know she was doing Something; I just couldn't see what it was, as my contact lenses were out and I was blind. Lucy's pretty funny when she growls; it's this repeating, low RRRRRRRRR ....... RRRRRRRRR..... RRRRRRRRR, but Esther wasn't laughing so she must be keeping her delight to herself, if indeed delight is what she's getting out of the bugging of Lucy. Who the hell knows?

Something you should be made aware of is that Chinese pop music? Is not nearly as good as you might think. I was listening to one of my favorite stations on the way to work and they were playing pop outta Shanghai; it is highly meh. I'm glad I could share this important musical revelation with you.

This morning Francisco and I went to the track, and as we were about to complete our initial walking lap and part ways for the rest of our track time (he runs faster and farther than I do), he saw something on the field and shined the flashlight on it. Side note: He started bringing the flashlight after the panicked deer incident. Anyway, the something on the field was a skunk, and So Cute! It waddled off the field as we watched and then searched for and located a hole in the ground I have to assume it lives in, since it crawled right in and stayed there. Who knew skunks lived in the ground? Not me, that's who.

I will try and condense the weekend soccer talk into two sentences: 1) Sharky was upset last night when Brazil lost the under-17 world championship to Mexico, but I was rather delighted because I have chosen Mexico as my international team. 2) I love watching Argentine soccer games because the Fox channel announcer cracks me up; he apparently feels free to say some weird shit, probably since he knows few people are listening to him, and one thing he said on the River Plate/Independiente game from yesterday was, "SOMEbody's HAVING A baby!"--this was in reaction to a player running around with the ball under his shirt after scoring.

It took a little maneuvering with semi-colons and dashes in that second sentence, but I think it's grammatically okay, even though it's long and irritating. Also, what he said might not seem that amusing, but it was funny to me in the larger context of his other remarks from that game and previous games I've seen that he's announced. Does that sentence I just wrote before this one count as an additional sentence about soccer? DAMMIT.

The oddest thing happened to me today. I went to the dentist for a 6 month cleaning [HORRENDOUS AND WHY DOES THAT NICE HYGENIST INSIST ON USING CHERRY FLAVORED TOOTH POLISHING AGENT?], and it turns out I have to get a filling. This is odd because this is only the second filling I've had to have and the first was almost 20 years ago. I long ago stopped thinking getting fillings was something I would need to do--it never even occurs to me at the dentist that I might have to get a filling, you know? Fortunately the cavity is teeny-tiny, so there won't be much drilling at all, and it'll get filled with tooth-colored filling, so blah blah blah, whatever: I go back on November 8. Also, if you are not as blessed in the rock-hard tooth category and are now burning with jealousy and hatred toward me, may I remind you that I am almost completely blind without corrective lenses? If you have bad teeth and are also almost completely blind, then please feel free to hate me as much as you want. Unless you have a small ass, because you're one up on me there.

I went shopping on Saturday, as planned, and I got two pairs of pants and one shirt for me, plus a t-shirt, a set of sheets, and a Flake candy bar for Sharky. I also got a couple of bottles of wine and declared they were for Francisco, since I got the Boy a few things. Anyway, I bought the first pair of pants at a department store, on sale for $39, and then I went to Ross and found a pair of $19 pants that I of Course love way more than the $39 pair. But how could I not? The cheap pants are red and I've wanted a pair of red pants for awhile--Score! The Honda buckle belt Sharky passed onto me a few weeks ago ("I only see girls wearing this belt") works perfectly with my new red beauties. I shall wear them on Friday.

But speaking of clothing, we are now in the annoying time of it being officially fall but still with summer-like weather, so even though it's October 3, I wore sandals to work today. If the weather insists on being over 80 degrees, then I'm wearing sandals and to hell with official fall. It should cool down soon.

Song of the Day: Low -- Nowhere Man, at Copy, Right?.

Bye now.
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