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Last night when I was driving home, I couldn't seem to get anything good on the radio, so I gave up. Driving in silence, I realized what I'd really like to be hearing was a thrash-punk version of 'Kumbaya'. Could somebody make that happen? I thank you in advance.

Okay, fools. If you're STILL not watching Arrested Development, here's another reason you should start. On Monday night's episode, Michael (the main character) was trying to ask out a woman (played by Charlize Theron) and he said something stupid, or really a whole bunch of stupid thing. He was shown after the incident sitting despondently in his vehicle (a stair car, and if you want to know what the hell I'm talking about, watch the show already), eating candy, while the voiceover narration said he sat in the vehicle "and ate a whole thing of candy beans". There was a slight emphasis on "thing", which is why I put it in italics, and see, that's just so brilliant. THING, not bag or pack. THING. Plus, "candy beans" is funnier than "jelly bellies", so extra points for that. Please start watching that show! Please?

Last night Francisco and I watched some of Liverpool vs. Chelsea--a Champions League game--and once again enjoyed the commentating of Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth. I've talked about those guys before, and again they cracked us up. We only watched a few minutes of the game last night, so I just have a couple of things to report, both of them said by Derek Rae: 1) [re: a referee decision] "I wonder if that might have been a trifle punctilious". This is funny to me because you would never ever in a million years hear "punctilious" out of an American sports commentator, right? Well, maybe from Dennis Miller, but is he still doing that NFL gig? I have no idea. After Derek Rae said that Tommy Smyth was quiet for a minute and then asked, "That means 'fussy', right?" Correct, sir. 2) [about Peter Crouch, the tall Liverpool player they talked about a lot the last time we heard them commentate] "He's a big, awkward customer is Peter Crouch". I like the "customer" part of that, as well as the "is Peter Crouch" which reaffirms the subject of the sentence. Peter Crouch is definitely big and awkward, and watching him play on those daddy longlegs of his is sometimes pretty amusing, but it is He who is laughing on his way to the bank, with his 7 million pound contract. Well done, lad.

Hey, Dreas alerted me to Leslie Hall 's new video; Beat Dazzler. It is, of course, highly fantastic, especially the end. Go watch!

Francisco and I have been going to the school track (the closest school to us--Sharky's old junior high) 3 mornings a week to walk and run. I've been running the straight stretches and walking the curves, but I think I'm going to switch that up next week so I'm running longer stretches; progress must be made. It's been weird going so early in the morning (before 6) because it's still completely dark then and only just barely starts to get light right when we're leaving. On Monday morning we were going down the walkway from the parking lot to the track when all of a sudden there was all this noise everywhere. It was disorienting and I was a little freaked out because I knew after only a few seconds that it was deer, but I couldn't tell where they were exactly and what all the hubbub was about. Francisco sees better than I do and he told me afterwards that the deer were sort of hemmed in by the fences and kept running into the soccer nets, the poor things. There were three of them and they made it back to the woods safely, but I felt bad about scaring them.

OMG omg, Serenity opens tomorrow, and I'm practically beside myself with excitement! I'm leaving at 3 tomorrow so we can be sure and get tickets for the twilight show, and Hopefully there'll be a line we can stand in, because I've never in my life stood in line for a movie (well, except a general ticket-buying line) and it seems like it could be extra festive, what with the diehard fans and all. Probably very few of you will be interested, but if you want, you can download a Serenity image for iron-on transfer. I'm not sure if I'll make any shirts, but one never knows.

That's all I've got for now. I'm a little stressed about something that's due tomorrow, and I Think my part is done, but I haven't gotten the confirmation I so desperately need, so now I've got to make some phone calls, and lordy lord, I HATE to call strangers. I'd best get it over with.

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