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Wow, I haven't updated in a long time. Not sure how that happened. Here are some of the things I could have been telling you about for the past couple of weeks:

First of all, The Shark is in town! He called on Tuesday night and said he would be arriving Thursday night. Specifically, he SAID he would be arriving around 9:30 on Thursday night, but he actually got in at 12:45 this morning. Considering that my usual bedtime is 9:30, it was a real struggle to stay up, and when I DID get to bed (a little after 1:00--I just couldn't stay up chatting, even though I wanted to), I had a lot of trouble sleeping. So tired today. Tonight Twyla, BroCo, and the girls are coming over for dinner (I'm getting Quiznos sandwiches, so what?), and tomorrow Shark will probably do something with friends. He'll leave to go back around noon, probably, on Sunday, and I have already declared that I am not doing a Damn Thing for the rest of that day. I might end up doing one or two damn things, but I am not Required to, is the point.

Last weekend was nice for its longness, but on the flip side we had sewage coming up out of the ground in the back yard, so all in all it was a mixed bag of a weekend. We were concerned the problem would be huge and expensive to fix, because how often does sewage rise up out of a concrete box set in the ground, with a lid that says ELECTRIC on it, and it turns out to be no big deal? Well, at least this one time. There are not actually any electrics in that box. What IS in there is about 20 inches of ground between the sewage pipes leading out of the house and the sewage pipe leading to the sewage main. A gap in the system. Apparently this was not uncommon in 1920, when our house was built, and really, even though having the sewage rise up through that hole was Groce, it was probably better than having it back up into the house, which would have happened if the pipes were directly connected. The problem was merely a blockage in the pipe leading to the main; the Roto Rooter guy ended up getting the big hose and water blasting the blockage out. We're probably going to have this done once or twice a year as a preventative measure, to avoid that nastiness happening again. We are once again showering and laundrying and flushing with careless abandon. Viva la Roto Rooter!

Oh, also last weekend, on Sunday, we had new friends come over for dinner, and it was a lot of fun. For us, anyway. I am paranoid that maybe they didn't enjoy it as much as we did, but I am also accepting of the fact that I cannot Force a friendship with these guys, or with anyone, so I will wait and see if they want to socialize with us again. Fingers crossed in the meantime.

Our garden is really coming along this year; it's nice. I Must do some weeding this weekend so it doesn't get on top of me like it's threatening to do. Right now we have various lettuces, spinach, arugula, and radishes ready to eat, and actually I've been eating salads for probably a month now. The arugula is my favorite. We planted basil, snap peas, a couple watermelons, some cabbage, some eggplants, some kind of squash (can't remember), tomatoes, peppers, two zucchinis (in a big pot this time so they don't try to choke other plants), beets, green onions (almost ready), rosemary, and sage. We have some other herbs that came back from last year, and we have an end of a bed full of garlic that we planted last year. I need to read what the internets have to say about garlic. I don't know when to pull it up, and really I'm not sure why it came back this year, because I thought we pulled it all up last year. Garlic is weird, is my point. And delicious.

What else to tell you, hmmm. I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now, but it's my own fault. I take on nonessential personal projects and then end up feeling a lot of anxiety for not getting them done in a timely fashion. I can't decide whether I need to jettison projects (and quit starting so many) or whether I need anti-anxiety medication. Previously I dismissed the idea of taking those meds, but in the past couple of weeks I've been more or less forced to think it over. There's only so long a person can walk around with a tight chest and anxious stomach, you know?

Well, I need to pedal home and then go to the Quiznos to get dinner. Have a good weekend, Lambs. Talk to you soon.




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