it would be like a time-release practical joke


Okay, real quick, or as quick as I can make it:

Last week I was sick--holy COW so SICK. Francisco was sick too; it started for both of us the Saturday before last and continued the whole week last week. I had to call in sick every day and Francisco called in every day until Friday. We subsisted primarily on soy milk/frozen fruit smoothies, things containing eggs, and Red Vines. I am still congested and coughing, but feeling much better overall.

Yesterday I had to get up a lot earlier than usual to drive myself and a semi-coworker (he works at the university but in a different office) 3 hours east for a training workshop. It was actually quite good and I'm glad we went. I am super plus especially glad we went because my semi-coworker is awesome and I think we're friends now and he and his partner are going to be in our bicycle gang. Yay!

The living room cozification process is well on the road to success. The sofa is back from its reupholstering and we got a large rug that looks great. Francisco put up shelves to hold some stuff and also hired that guy to put the door through to the garage (it turned out great). We want to get a different coffee table (stainless steel does not exude cozy) and put more art up, and that should just about do it, at which point we shall rest upon our laurels and start having dinner parties.

Esther update: She's starting to return to some of her old habits, but not all of them. I think she might be getting a bit freaked out in the middle of the night by Lucy's absence, because pretty much every night she comes in at least once to wake me up and meow at me. When that happens I cuddle her and she accepts it for awhile and then leaves the bedroom again. Poor kitty. She LOVES the new living room rug, though, so at least that's something nice for her. She's been writhing on it repeatedly since it arrived.

Last week I read a National Geographic article about an Egyptian mummy (I forget which one), and I also watched a couple of Life After People episodes. I think my brain processed both those things and merged them, because my first thought upon waking up on one of the weekend days was, "We have GOT to make some crazyass mummies". What my brain meant by this was, if people should happen to disappear from the earth, it would be pretty awesome for any hypothetical future alien visitors to discover a mummified and seemingly revered two headed calf, or something like that. NOT that I want two headed calves to be born, but if one happened to be born (and subsequently not survive), why NOT mummify it and install it in a cave, surrounded with strange objects for its afterlife? It's like a no-brainer. Does anyone want to take this idea and run with it? I would do it myself except the actual mummification would be too groce. Or, if you want to do the mummifying, I will take care of the cave installation business. Let me know.

No more time.




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