safe birth


1) My favorite pregnant boy cat had his babies, and he's okay. I hadn't seen him since I felt the skulls in his belly, but yesterday he was waiting at the old house when I was passing by, and the belly is GONE. Another tipoff is that he now has teats, which I felt up as a part of my thorough investigation. Anyway, I petted him a lot and told him how good he is and how proud I am of him and I kissed his head and fed him a huge bowl of food. His kittens are surely hidden, but it is my plan to try and hang around long enough when he eats that he finishes and goes back to them, so I can follow him and maybe see the babies. If they look like him, they will be beyond adorable. Which, what am I even saying--they'll be that adorable anyway. They're KITTENS.

2) Yesterday in addition to finding out we probably can't do the garage renovation, we found out there is another change of plans (not related to renovations) and having both those things happen in the same day left Francisco and I reeling a little. We both felt like the Universe was saying, "Hey, you know all those plans you kids made for your future? That was ADORABLE. Everyone up here got a Really big kick out of it--y'all are just too cute. But yeah, they're not going to happen." This is also not related to Francisco's upcoming change of employment, by the way. I don't have time to go into it but it would appear that our plans for us and the Universe's plans for us are kind of different and now we have to just go with the flow, which is a lot easier said than done.

3) I wasn't feeling very well this morning before work (intestinal distress, a.k.a. mudbutt) and considered calling in sick but then figured I would feel better later. I was correct, and it's a good thing for my office that I didn't call, because three people called in sick and that kept me and the only other counselor quite busy. It wasn't fun, but it's OVER. And I'm going home. To my good friend, Wine Box.




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