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1) I borrowed The Kite Runner from Twyla and read up until the part where the main character does a super rotten thing, and at that point I closed the book and that was it. I just can't read a book if I hate the main character. I mean, I Could, but I wouldn't enjoy it, and that's pretty much the whole point of reading for pleasure, right? Sorry, Kite Runner. I've heard you're good, but there's no way I can finish you.

2) On Saturday the Shark asked me to pierce his right ear (has the left pierced already--done several years ago by a professional), because he wants to wear large fake diamonds in his ears so he can look like a rapper. At first I said no but he begged and I thought, "what's the worst that could happen?" and said yes. I sterilized the needle and earring and his earlobe and sort of that whole region of his head, and then I put a dot on his ear where I was going to pierce it, and actually that took awhile because I kept having to wipe it off and do it over. After it was in the right place, I put an ice cube on the back of his ear and numbed it. After he said it was numb, I pushed my biggest sewing needle through until it hit the ice cube. That was actually not that easy--who knew his lobe was so tough? The hardest part was getting the earring through the hole, because it was almost like his ear was healing up immediately, but finally it went through and then I sterilized the ear and everything all over again (was using alcohol, btw) and then it was done. So far, no infection, and hopefully one won't develop. He is pleased with the result and he wore his fake diamond earrings when he went out that night with his friends--they went to a teen dance club in Yakima. It was weird letting him go with his friends that far away (45 minutes, one way) but his friends are pretty responsible and they made it there and back with no problems.

3) More Sharky stuff: The other plan (besides the garage remodel, which could still work out) that fell through last week is that Shark is no longer sure he wants to finish school in Eugene. He pretty much doesn't want to, in fact, but he's going to live in Eugene for the summer and work and see how he feels about it at the end of summer. I think he'll probably end up coming back to Eburg and finishing, which he thinks he can do in a year, with careful class planning. He and Francisco are going to meet with a school counselor to make sure this is feasible. After he finishes high school, he and his friends Manny and Sergio (the same friends he went out with on Saturday night) plan to move to Yakima and attend the community college there--they shall be roommates. When the Shark presented this plan, he asked questions about if it was hard to transfer from that community college to the college I work at, and I told him it is not (which is true) but the whole time I was careful not to make any sudden movements or loud noises that might scare him out of the voodoo trance he is obviously in. I hope he and Manny and Sergio stay friends for a long time--they are obviously very good influences. Anyway, after he told us he didn't want to stay in Eugene and BEFORE he told us his new plan [a space of about two days], I was kind of in despair, because I was imagining two more years of arguments and strife with him, but I wholeheartedly approve his new plan and will be happy to support it. I was a little sorry to give up my upcoming new empty nest lifestyle, because I imagine it will be fantastic, but if I have to postpone it for another year I will happily do so, in the interest of the new plan. Obviously he could change his mind 20 more times about it before another year goes by, but for now I have to believe The Plan will come to pass. I HAVE TO.

4) Francisco came up with the perfect name for my favorite formerly feral boy cat with the kittens: Motherboy. Done and done. I saw Motherboy this morning and he recognized me even though I was across the street [I don't have a lot of faith in cats' ability to recognize people, based on how many times my cats have been sitting in the front window, have seen me approaching the house, and have given me a haughty look that clearly says, "and you are......?"], which was unfortunate because I'd forgotten his food at home. I felt terrible--Motherboy was so hungry and sweet and affectionate and I didn't have anything to give him--so I called Francisco and asked him to drive to the old house with cat food, which he did because he is nice. Then during lunch I walked home and got some food to bring back with me and fed Motherboy on my way past (not a lot--there was still food in the bowl) and it was gratifying, because he wasn't as interested in the food as in getting petted and loved. He is definitely tamed; he let me kiss him on the eyeball. I don't know what I'm going to do about that cat. I waited too long to kidnap him, and now he's got kittens and I can't kidnap him unless I get his kittens too, and they're hidden, so for right now there's nothing I can do except give food and kiss eyeballs.

5) Yesterday for Mothers Day Francisco and I walked to our favorite coffee place and got scones to bring home. Mine was the most delicious scone I've ever had--raspberry and lemon. The lemon was mainly in the icing drizzled onto it and wow, it was amazing. We had a Liverpool game recording at 9, except that the schedule changed allofasudden and our game wasn't on until 4. Thanks a lot, Fox Soccer Channel! Watching that game with Francisco was going to be my big celebratory activity for the day, and instead we had to watch it separately. Liverpool won, which was good, but it was the last game of the season, and I will miss seeing the boys until EPL soccer starts up again. Anyway, Sharky gave me some funky plastic jewelry on Sunday morning and a card that was both touching and funny (what he wrote in it, I mean), and I was surprised because I didn't expect him to get me anything. I tell you, when he does thoughtful stuff like that it breaks my heart a little. We don't give him very much money, so for him to spend some of his money on me is very selfless and it makes me feel weepy and humbled, given how aggravated I am with him so much of the time. Parenthood, man.

Now I need to go home (with a stop at the grocery store along the way) to make dinner for Sharky, Manny, and Sergio, who are at my house and who deserve some food for being such good influences.




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