a hitch in our getalong


Could someone please tell me the point of the mini-muffin? Somebody brought a mess of them in this morning (store bought) and though I have seen mini-muffins before, lots of times, today I really got to wondering why anyone would want them. Because if you haven't had breakfast, you're going to need to eat...what? Three to five of them? Depending on how hungry you are? And if you need three to five, why not just eat one big muffin? I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I'm not angry at the inventors of mini-muffins, or anything, but they're just not my thing. Although, I can see how some really delicious homemade ones would be good to add to a brunch buffet, because then you wouldn't want a whole big muffin, lest it displace some other kind of delicious food, right? So okay--I can approve the mini-muffin for limited applications. I'm glad we got this sorted out; thanks for being my sounding board.

Okay, so you know the garage renovation I've been blathering on about, and how amazing and nice it's going to be and how excited we are, etc? The contractor we've been talking to came over today and spoke with Francisco and he was excited about the job and was going to start ordering supplies and was going to start work next Wednesday. He left our house to go get permits from the city, and the city has decided to throw a monkey wrench into our plans. Apparently they are not going to give permits for our garage renovation unless we make other renovations in our house that would bring certain things up to the current code for new home construction. One thing we'd have to mess with would be the windows in the downstairs bedrooms, because they are too high off the floor for the current building rules, and HI WE JUST SHELLED OUT A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR CUSTOM ROMAN SHADES. Francisco has since also spoken with the city permit people and if we want to pursue the garage renovation, we have to give them plans for our house, and we don't have plans for our house so we're not sure what to do about that. After talking to them Francisco has the impression that going forward with this is going to cost us a shitload of money, so now we're both thinking about how we can stick it to The Man in this case. Francisco thinks as long as we don't have a wall built in the place of the garage door, or have a subfloor put in, we shouldn't need permits, so he's thinking we could have the contractor cut a hole through from the living room to the garage and finish the walls and ceiling in there. Francisco's thinking we could get a better garage door (one with some insulation or something) and we could put down carpet or some kind of flooring on the cement floor in there and do some other stuff to make it look a lot less garage-y. I'm torn about this plan, because on one hand there are few things I like better than sticking it to The Man, but on the other hand, I really wanted the garage to be like a real room. A NICE room. With a wall where the door was and a good floor. But on the other Other hand, bumping up against these limitations has activated my Creative Gland, since this is exactly the sort of problem my Creative Gland loves to work on, and I am starting to think we could make the garage pretty cool even if we couldn't go through with our original plan. My head is really buzzing about this, in fact. I'm googling for garage doors (real carriage doors--as opposed to the ones that look like carriage doors but aren't--would be about perfect, because then the ceiling track would be gone) and floor tiles (Flor makes some nice ones) and emailing Francisco about every other minute with a new idea. I guess we'll have to see what we can do about this. I still would like the original plan for the garage, but if it's going to cost a ridiculous amount of money, then I just don't know.

And now I go home to dinner--Francisco is grilling tonight. Yay!




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