poot? really?


I saw my favorite pregnant boy kitten again, finally, on Saturday, and when I was feeling his belly I felt what I believe were a couple of skulls, so I think he's having at least two kittens, but there could be more skulls in there that I couldn't feel. So weird. He didn't mind me feeling the belly--he is quite affectionate with me nowadays--but at some point he got impatient, like 'c'mon, make with the food, already'. This whole thing makes me v. nervous, especially since those skulls felt awfully large to me. What if he goes off someplace to have his kittens and has trouble? [I've been seeing him only once a week or so lately and it's hard to plan a kidnapping when you can't predict your subject's whereabouts] I laid awake last night worrying about the potential for birthing trouble, amongst other things. My optimism is on hiatus right now, I THINK because of raging hormones and etc, but I am optimistic that my optimism will return.

Francisco was sick all weekend long, with what now appears to be a cold, but at first was more mysterious than that. He went to work on Friday night (over my vigorous protests) but was able to come home about 3 hours early. He called in sick Saturday and Sunday nights, and I'm glad because he starts swing shift today and if he'd worked last night he'd have gotten off at 8 and would have to be back at 2. Considering he has an hour and a half round trip commute, that would've been grueling, even if he wasn't sick. He took Nyquil last night and slept for 13 hours and is feeling better, so he'll work today. I have a tiny sore throat and am feeling a bit worried that I'm going to get the cold myself, but I'm still having allergy problems so I'm going to think the throat is just allergies until it proves otherwise.

Yesterday I spent maybe an hour weeding the brick and concrete paver path that runs along one side of the house and it looks a lot better, but I should have worn gloves. When I was pulling weeks that were growing up next to the wooden border, I got some slivers (big ones!) that I didn't notice until I was getting ready for bed. I extracted them with tweezers at great personal cost in the form of ouchie ouchie pain, but I put neosporin and bandaids on the sliver sites and they're fine today. If we'd had bacon I'd have instead used my mom's home remedy of putting a tiny piece of raw bacon on the sliver and bandaiding it overnight, which sounds utterly ridiculous except that IT TOTALLY WORKS. By morning the sliver is out or you can easily extract it; ask Francisco if you don't believe me. He mocked the bacon method at first but was forced to admit its efficacy. Sorry, vegetarians; you'll have to keep using less primitive methods.

I got my hair cut on Saturday morning and it I like it but one thing I guess I should get used to is never having the same cut two times in a row, at the beauty school. This is okay with me, though--it seems to fit the saying YES scheme. I am saying YES to a surprising haircut once every 4 to 6 weeks.

We found a contractor to do our garage conversion, and he's a Hutterite! He really seems to know his business, so that's why we want to hire him, but also he seems less likely to cheat us than any non-religious or less stringently religious contractor. And his bid was about on par with the other good contractor we got a bid from (who ended up deciding he didn't have time to do our job), and that is sort of comforting. We don't have a date when the work will start but he estimates it will take a week and says he can do it by the end of June, which is what we wanted.

To wrap up, today I went to the grocery store at lunch to get carrot juice and gum and a magazine, and right by the grocery store I found a small name plate that said Keith "Poot" Williams. Believe it or not this made my day sooo much better. I was very cranky until I found it and then I was almost chipper. I put it on my shrine at work and will enjoy it forever or until someone googles that name and wants the plate back.




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