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Look, I know I said this before recently, but I cannot stress enough how totally optimistic I am right now about life. Stoked. Jazzed. Chuffed. It seems like everything's coming up Eva, and I feel like the most fortunate person in the world. Please note that nothing major has happened to make me feel that way; it's just that little and medium things are falling into place nowadays.

The Roman shades for our bedroom arrived yesterday and Francisco put them up; I LOVE THEM. They're red silk and we have decided to paint our bedroom a dark brown to go with that, and use a sort of wasabi green as an accent color. It's not for nothing that I watched every single episode of Changing Rooms, bitches. The blinds we ordered from the same company were supposed to be delivered today; hopefully they were not delayed. Even though these things cost a not insignificant amount of money (though, as I kept reminding Francisco, our tax kickback is paying for a good chunk of it), I'm glad we sprung for them. They'll look good and will last a long time.

I haven't seen my beloved favorite pregnant boy kitten for almost a week, and the last time I saw him I gave him only half a bowl of food (it was morning and I intended to feed him the rest after work) and he didn't eat it all. Because of his absence and the less than ravenous eating, I suspect he has been Taken In by someone. I hope hope hope so; I want him to have a home and it would be hard for me to provide one, what with those cranky old lady cats we have at home.

ATTENTION: I have 7 Doctor Whos on the Tivo right now. In other visual entertainment news, I've recently been watching some of Woody Allen's old movies, and Wow those were funny. I'd forgotten a great part from Annie Hall where he flashes back to a young him, when his mom takes him to the doctor. She tells the doctor something's wrong with him, and when the doctor asks him what, he says he's depressed. He read that the universe was expanding and someday it would cease to exist. His mother, very aggrieved, shouts, "What is that your business???" Woody Allen, what happened? Your old movies were so brilliant.

Oh, one other visual entertainment thing, Christina loaned me Juno yesterday and we watched it last night. I really liked it. I liked that so many pregnant teenager movie cliches were thwarted, and of course the dialogue was fantastic. I could talk more about the movie, but if you haven't seen it, you should, and I don't want to give anything away.

Song of the Day: Gnarls Barkley - Run. I forced this link upon the Janets/Manjets but I want you to have it too because that song is killing me lately.

Francisco's here to walk me home so I've gotta go.




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