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Is it sad that peeling my own carrots (rather than buying those ready to eat carrots) for my snack today makes me feel like I'm sticking it to The Man? The regular big carrots taste more like carrots than the little ones anyway. Take that, The Man! Oh but speaking of that, this weekend I was thinking a good band name would be "A Man In Uniform", because when they got popular people would be saying, "Oh, I LOVE A Man In Uniform!", and that would make me happy.

So last Friday, you know how I went home early with a headache? I figured out at around 4:00 that I was wearing my contact lenses in the wrong eyes, which explains it. It was weird, because I've been wearing lenses since I was 12, and this was the first time I'd ever put them in the wrong eyes. I guess I was just trying something new, subconsciously.

Which, actually, I'm doing all the time nowadays (consciously), and I love it. It's mostly just small stuff like ordering different foods at restaurants I used to always get the same thing at, but I've got plans to try other things too, like swing dancing (when it starts up again at the school this fall), and Hinduism.

Do you know what the Universe gave me today? A chance to apologize to someone to whom I was kind of jerkish about 17 or so years ago. He added me as a friend on Facebook and I messaged him right away to say sorry for being a jerk, and what's funny is he didn't remember the incident at all and didn't think I was a jerk. So I guess I'm kind of forgiven, since he didn't think I was a jerk in the first place, yes? This is a big gift I got today; peace of mind about something I worried over for a long time. It almost always featured in my 3 a.m. Slideshow of Horrors; now I can let it go.

So, the weekend was good. By 8:00 a.m. on Saturday the sheets were changed and the house was clean except for vacuuming (Sharky was asleep so I waited a couplefew hours to vacuum). When Francisco got home we walked to a coffee place and had coffee and scones for breakfast; delicious. Then back home for vacuuming, and Twyla, Sonny, and the girls stopped by to give me an old Kodak instant camera they got from a thrift store, and they also invited me to accompany them to the college rodeo that night. I went and it was fun, and Twyla and I are going to see the Xtreme Bulls event at this year's big rodeo (end of August). It was my first rodeo and I can't say I enjoyed every aspect of it, but it was interesting. I was silently rooting for the animals the whole time, though, which I think I technically was not supposed to be doing, but whatever.

Also this weekend I took some pictures and did too much Sudoku (which I haven't done for a long time but then I got a yen), and watched an old Robert Redford movie from the 70s. It was fun to see the 70s again, it's been a long time and I got a tiny bit nostalgic.

And now I must rush off.




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