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I hate to think I'm turning into a delicate flower in my advanced years, but get this. The powers that be apparently decided to send some guys out to remodel the office kitchen, and for some reason they thought this would be a good week for it. Hello? Why?!? We're already going nuts with all the phone calls and the stress from normal April stuff, and Now we have to listen to the sounds of destruction too? There are some truly heinous noises emanating from the kitchen today, kids. And I keep cringing and thinking how this is so hard to put up with on top of all the other stress, and then I wonder if I'm turning into an old lady. Where the Eva of yesteryear? The unflappable Eva? The Eva who enjoyed some nice mayhem and wreckage? I don't know, man. I'm 35. I also can't figure out why the employer would suddenly decide to remodel our kitchen, because only employees ever see it. It makes me think they're getting ready to move us out to some shithole and maybe annex this building for the Admissions Office. Admissions gets everything; my office is like a poor toothless cousin that gets everybody's old castoffs. But I'm not bitter!

Francisco got us tickets to see the Peppers and Snoop Dogg! Holy crap, I can hardly wait. I've never seen the Peppers in concert but I've heard they put on a good show. How will I wait until June 5th??

This weekend we worked in the yard, and oh my aching everything! I always forget I have muscles until I've spent several hours squatting and pulling stubborn weeds and shoveling compost and chopping things. The yard looks good, though. The brick patio? Not done yet. Poor Francisco spent a lot of time digging this weekend, and we're ready to put in the gravel. The gravel will be followed by the sand, and then the bricks. But it was raining like crazy earlier today and will supposedly be raining every day this week, so maybe next weekend will be the magical brick patio weekend. Progress was made, but there's a lot left to do.

Last night I ordered some exercise videos. I got two step aerobics and one kickboxing, from Amazon. I was careful to read the customer feedback about the videos and think I will enjoy them--hopefully they'll arrive soon, dammit. I got my shirts from Old on Friday, and I like them. Too bad it's supposed to be chilly this week, because I was looking forward to wearing them. Thanks a heap, Universe.

I'm out of time, and really this wasn't Such an eventful weekend. We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and liked it (Netflix)--even the Boy. He was trying to weasel out of watching it but he watched for two minutes and was hooked. Good movie.



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