I'm thinking Oreos, maybe?


I forgot to mention, last Friday I talked to a high school guidance counselor who Strongly reminded me of the Tracy Flick character from Election. Strongly. She aggravated me by asking (or rather, passive-aggressively Not asking) the same question over and over again, and she had that clipped, hyper-professional voice. I hope she calls me back; I'm ready to be a little rude, and Flick is asking for it.

Wow, I was just downstairs in our office kitchen area, and I knew they were remodeling, but I didn't know they were Gutting the place. They've ripped all the cabinets off the walls and are ripping up the flooring now. My coworker just told me that she knows there is asbestos under the flooring in the kitchen, so that's just great. We already, a couple months ago, had a malfunctioning boiler that was putting out a lot of carbon monoxide, now they're going to poison us with asbestos.

Dear OSHA,

Get your ass over here, pronto.



And I still think they're only fixing up the kitchen so they can kick us out of here and give the building to someone else. I would be very unsurprised.

This weekend I was flipping through television channels and I landed on the Spanish channel, and stayed. Because something strange was going on and I had to try and figure it out. Some woman was interviewing another woman at a hair salon. The hair salon woman was taking strands of people's hair, twisting it, and then running a flame along the length of the hair. She was doing the whole head then washing, conditioning, and trimming it. And it came out looking fine, not like hair that has been burned. I never did exactly figure out why she was burning the hair, but I think it was either removing old hair color or maybe setting new hair color. Which are two very opposite things, but my Spanish is old and extremely rusty, and I was never fluent in the first place. All I know is it had something to do with hair color.

Work is busy busy busy. I had one woman leave me two messages within an hour and a half, despite my voice mail message saying how busy we are and that I would call back within two business days. Then our receptionist told me the woman called again and made an appointment to come in on Friday morning, even though she lives 4 hours away. Uh-uh. When I call her back today I'm going to tell her we can do whatever we need to via phone and email and maybe fax. Silly woman; who drives 8 hours for an appointment??

That's about all I have time for today. Maybe things will be more interesting tomorrow.



PS That Cristina Aguilera song--whatsit called, 'Beautiful'?--is stuck in my head on continuous play lately, and I can't get rid of it. Send help. And cookies. |


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