the bee said no


Okay [clap-clap!]; let's talk West Wing. I have an announcement: Toby and I have broken up. He is no longer my Fictional Super Secret Imaginary Boyfriend, but don't be sad for me because *I* broke up with *him*. The person now filling the fictional boyfriend role is Will Bailey, because he's adorable and I want to bite that upper lip. Toby is imaginarily crushed, but recognizes the rightness of my shift of loyalties, and anyway, he's still got those twins in the works. I enjoyed the new episode on Wednesday night, though there was not any Real suspense about the plane crashing.

This morning I heard a word on the radio that I have heard numerous times but never really thought about before. The word is Undertaker. Think about that word for a second. Under. Taker. I think that might be the coolest English language word ever, or it at least somewhat approaches the cool compound words the Germans have. Germans do compound words right.

I think I figured out what I did to my second entry yesterday--I think when I thought I was copying my new entry (to paste it into the box on Diaryland) what I actually hit, absentmindedly, was highlight my new entry and press "paste", therefore pasting the old entry over the new one. And then not noticing that I did it and pasting the old one again into the Diaryland box. And then getting freaked out. I think that was the chain of events, and I'm annoyed at myself, but at least I'll be more careful next time.

Not related to the last paragraph (but certainly relevant at times); is there any nice way to say, "Could you please stop being such a complete fucking dumbass?"? Because you would not believe some of the people I have to deal with; this one woman in particular. She works where I work but in another department, and I really wonder sometimes what's wrong with her brain.

Dudes, I have a headache that could fell a small ox. I've had a migraine every day this week, and I think I finally figured out why: The Yellow Pollen of Doom. It must've been in the air all week but it only manifested itself in a big way yesterday. The cars and ground are coated with it. I've talked about the yellow pollen before, because I seem to be allergic to it and don't know what tree produces it, but it's getting me again this year.

Someone just got to this site through a google search for "midget stewardess". I would have to say that stewardesses--or flight attendants, properly--have to be taller than that, because you know a lot of the things they have to use are in high up cabinets. Why are so many freaks searching for midgets on the internet? First of all, you Know they like to be called Little People (though I would personally prefer Dwarf, if I was a Little Person), and secondly, what is wrong with you?? Stop it. Other good searches in the past day include 'Devilgnome' and 'spurs'. Thanks, I'll be here all week.

Stole it from Miles, but this needs to be read. My schaudenfreude (thanks Germany!) knows no bounds.

The night before last there was an amazing creature attached to the screen of the kitchen window, and I knew it was a moth of some kind, but I looked it up in our field guide and it's a luna moth. It was really big and green and beautiful, and Francisco took several pictures. I didn't know until just now when I looked it up on the web that it is somewhat rare to see them, so now I feel extra happy about it.

A funny thing happened with the Boy on Wednesday that Francisco told me about, and Boy said I couldn't write about it here. I promised I wouldn't, and then he said I Could write about it, so I'm going to tell just my favorite part and let the rest remain a mystery. My favorite part is where Boy was somewhat distraught and said to Francisco, " The bee wouldn't let me!". Boy has lately been occasionally getting upset about something but at the same time he's upset he recognizes that the thing he's upset about is ridiculous, so he cries and laughs at the same time. This is what he was doing when he said "the bee wouldn't let me". That kid keeps getting better and better.

Tonight Boy is having a friend spend the night, so we'll just be home tonight letting them play. I hope my headache is gone before then. This weekend we want to do the brick patio project (it should be good weather) and I also want to do weeding and cleanup in the yard, because it needs it. Weeding is so satisfying to me--it's the ultimate when it comes to immediate work gratification. I also have house cleaning to do, because I did barely any last weekend, and none during the week. Blech, the house is not looking so good.

That's all I've got. We're getting lots of calls at work now, and I'm not enjoying it, but if I can shake this headache things should get a lot better. I took pills a couple of hours ago, and they did not help very much. Maybe a diet mountain dew....



PS The atomicfriends helped me figure out my true calling today--I want to run a kitten daycare! Would that not be the best job in the history of amazing jobs? I want it. |


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