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Restless cats do not a good night's sleep make. I slept okay last night, if fitfully, until about 4:30, when Esther decided she needed some attention and parked herself on my pillow. I was able to ignore her for awhile until she had a coughing fit, and then I put my hand on her comfortingly and she pressed her back to my head and purred. That was okay, but then she commenced thwacking the back of my head with her tail every 30 seconds for the next half an hour, and basically when the alarm went off at 5:30, I was in no mood to start the day. The plan had been that we'd go to the gym, so we went, but what I would rather have done was disappoint some orphans and trample the flowerbeds of elderly widows (bad mood, see). One thing that cheered me up slightly was signing in at the gym--I signed in for Francisco and I, and I wrote his name as per normal but wrote "Killer" for my first name, instead of Eva. Then I laughed a bit hysterically for a few seconds and we started our weightlifting. Not too long into it I could feel a migraine flirting at my temples, and I know Francisco wasn't really into the lifting this morning either (Esther interrupted his sleep too) so after a bit more lifting we pussied out early and went home for coffee and breakfast. My migraine arrived at around 7:30 so I took ibuprofen and drank coffee to try and dislodge it--it is NOT a good day.

Yesterday wasn't so great either, work-wise. I had parents meet with me (people are bringing their freshmen to campus this week, unfortunately) and they were very nice, but they put me through the wringer. They wanted to talk hypotheticals and they wanted exact breakdowns of formulas and precise explanations of allowances, and jeez, I expected them to start burning me with cigarettes to extract the information. It's not that I don't know stuff--I mean, I've been in this racket for 10 years--but I don't really think too hard about the formulas, since the computer program does all the calculating for me. I gave them the info they wanted, but I had to look it up from charts and graphs and whatnot, and I did not enjoy that meeting.

Last night I was reading around on the interweb and clicked over to Fussy from the AtomicTonic site, and ho meh gad, that blog is Great! I feel so inferior now, but am still glad I wandered in there, and of course I plan to read all the archives, little by little. Seriously, go over there and poke around--GO. Wait, come back. Go when you're done reading this entry, because to leave right now would be rude and I would take it personally.

Musicians Downloadable From 3hive and Better Propaganda Whose Songs I Have Been Enjoying:

Four Tet


Sufjan Stevens


Meow Meow

Dismemberment Plan

Wesley Willis (talked about him before--still love him)

Trans Am



Summer at Shatter Creek

Odd Jobs

Guided By Voices

The Earl

Soul Junk

The Briefs

There are actually lots more--too many to list without being really boring about it. I'm really into the music lately--can you tell?

Sometimes when I'm in a cranky mood, writing a diary entry helps cheer me up, but alas--not today. I just want to pull the skin off of somebody and whip them with it. I will skulk away now and try to stop being such a total crab.


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