heh heh, she said clean and jerk


I like Friday mornings at the gym better than any other weekday, because the Friday gym population is very small. This is why it was PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE (Francisco, I'm looking at you) for me to have practiced my clean & jerk technique on those 5 pound dumbells this morning. We've been watching Olympic weightlifting events lately, if you couldn't tell--they're pretty compelling. Even Francisco eventually yielded to the temptation to dramatically lift a dumbell this morning; I don't know what event he was mimicking, but he is Good. Re: the Olympics, I have never loved them more than I do this year, and it's all due to Tivo. Thank you, Dennis! I love being able to fast forward through the boring parts.

Last night I slept the sleep of a crack addict who drank a whole pot of coffee before bed; this not sleeping business has got to stop. Part of the problem lately has been that I can't get comfortable, and part of not getting comfortable is that my back hurts. And not just my back in general, but part of my spine. It has hurt for a couple of months now, and that, combined with my left thumb which has hurt for a few weeks, makes me think I could be getting the arthritis. At my last doctor appointment, when we talked about the possible low grade fever/inflammation connection, she seemed to think the trouble I'd had with my sacroiliac joint could indicate inflammation, so maybe the spine and the thumb go along with that as well. I had Francisco buy me some glucosamine a few weeks ago, but I haven't been taking it regularly; I think I need to start.

Dear Universe,

I'm only 36--could you maybe defer some of these health problems for another 50 years? Thanks so much.



Last night as Esther lay on my lap (as is her way) I gave her a foot massage, and her facial expression clearly said, "I don't know what the hell you're doing, but I'm willing to give it a chance". She seemed to enjoy the back foot massage much more than the front foot massage, and that was unsurprising, because she doesn't like to have her front feet touched. I tried to massage Lucy's feet after Esther stopped tolerating it, and Lucy growled menacingly at me before cantering away in a huff. Weirdo.

This morning I heard on the radio that there's such a thing as an alcohol inhaler, and not only does this thing exist, but some NYC bars will have the inhaler option, starting today. I think inhaling alcohol is a bad idea for many reasons, and I'm not sure why a person would want to inhale it rather than drink it, because kittens, gin and tonics are very delicious.

Okay, you know how I wanted to be a mailman for awhile there? Well, I haven't entirely given that up, but what I think I Really want to do now is be a radio DJ. I will call myself Auntie Eva and will never, ever, say things like, "HEYYY--you're listening to Eva on The Big Show in the morning!", because if there's anything I'd want my show to be, it's small and non-obnoxious. I think radio DJ is the perfect job for me; I need to look into broadcasting schools in the area and see if they have night classes.

One of my coworkers gave me a section of yesterday's local newspaper, because Durham is having an arts and music festival this weekend, and today some graffiti mural artists will be painting a mural on an old bus on Main St. The article didn't say what time they'd be doing it, or where exactly on Main St. they'll be, but there were some phone numbers to call for information. I tried all three numbers, and people were saying things like, "Gosh, I don't know--I'm sorry", and I was saying things like, "Do you know who I could call to find out? I'd really like to see that.". I left a voice mail message yesterday for a person who just might know, but I doubt I'll hear back from her, because people aren't so big on helping a person out around here. I don't know if that's true of the South in general or if it's just this area, but if a person has to go out of their way to assist you, most of the time they won't. If I have to miss out on the bus painting today, at least I have 'Style Wars' to look forward to from Netflix. Thanks for the heads-up on that, Twyla! Twyla's the Best.

I'm going to start my own website, soon. We already get some kind of hosting thing with our home Earthlink account, but since we've never wanted a website before, we've never looked into exactly what we get, or how to access it. I will be investigating this now because I want to do a big experimental project with those business card holders and I want to have a site to try and track how that goes. There will hopefully be other experimental projects in the future as well, so I'm sure I'll need a site eventually and I might as well get it now. I will keep you posted.

Despite Le Tired, I'm happy it's Friday and I'm happy Boy will be spending the night at his friend's tonight. Because I love the Boy very, very much, but if he's out of the house Francisco and I can make with the noisy hot monkey loving, and I'm all for that. I know that might be too much information, but we're all friends here, right?


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