I demand at least a 5% increase in roles for dwarves


Last night was fun. Boy was playing a Stuntman video game and is on the last "mission", which he's having a lot of trouble beating. He was getting tired and was throwing funny little fake tantrums when he'd mess up, so I started heckling him, and for almost an hour we did the playing/heckling, and it was a lot of fun for both of us. The best part of him losing was when he'd crash really bad and the game would put up "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THE VEHICLE?" in large red letters. I would say it out loud and Boy would pound the floor with his fist in mock frustration, especially after he got the hiccups--that's when it got Really good. I think this could be our new thing--he plays and I heckle--because that's some good entertainment. We don't need much.

Otherwise last night, I had a phone date with my friend, Isabel, and we watched some of the Olympics that Tivo Dennis recorded for us. Francisco and Boy were particularly interested in the field hockey (when there was a goal, Francisco would rewind a bit and then put it on super slo-mo so they could see underpants when the girls' skirts would fly up), and the women's beach volleyball. I think it's funny that Boy and Francisco are having these piggish male bonding moments--Boy clearly enjoys playing The Guy with Francisco. Personally (as I mentioned to Catie yesterday), I am enjoying the men's synchronized diving, with their tiny (no. TINY) swimsuits and amazing musculature. I also like when they hug after dives--is it normal to think it's hot when mostly naked men hug? Because if not, then I don't want to be normal.

Speaking of men hugging, Francisco and I have seen some movies (Netflix) recently, including Beautiful Thing, which we'd seen before when it was released, but I wanted to see it again, and it was just as good as I remembered. We also saw The Station Agent, and that was enjoyable, and I think dwarves should get more movie roles. And not AS dwarves, per se, but I think they should be cast in parts usually played by people of taller height. Because why not? Why should they get to work only when someone wants an elf or a Mini Me or a very short man who can skateboard or be chased in his underwear by a fat guy also in his underwear? I'm just saying there should be more leeway when people cast actors in roles and less attention paid to how tall someone is (or pretty or big or etc). Does this lecture make my ass look fat? Anyway, we saw one other movie, and I was disappointed in it. It was Something's Gotta Give, which I'd heard was really good but which contained some truly horrendous dialogue that made me cringe. Also, I was rooting for Diane Keaton's character to stay with Keanu Reeves' character, so that was vexing, and the end was waay too neat and tidy, with cringeworthy dialogue. Not recommended.

I don't think I have anything else to report. Tonight Francisco will go a'shootin', and Boy and I will stay home and watch last night's The Assistant and then Boy will play his game and I'll heckle him. Or at least this will be the plan if I have anything to say about it. I also need to do something productive tonight, because recently I've decided that something productive needs to be done by me every day, even if it's a little thing. Washing dishes doesn't count, and neither does reading things on the interweb; I need to organize something or make something, or make part of something, or write something (other than diary entries)--stuff like that. This is my new resolution and I need to follow through on it, because otherwise I feel like I'm not really a participant in life, you know?

Oh wait, there is one other thing to report--someone from the Scotland tour group collected email addresses from everyone when we were there and has sent out an email to everyone; I got the email this morning. The purpose of this is to share pictures we took, so I guess that's something I could do tonight--email pics from home to work so I can send them to the group. I have some here, but I'm sure there are others at home I'd like to send. I also intend to include some bonus pictures that have nothing to do with Scotland but are funny, like that one of David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman giving the thumbs up in front of Kit, the Night Rider car. I mean, how could I NOT send that picture?

Many work things to finish today.


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