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So, I'm watering the tomatoes this morning, just minding my own business, when I felt a tickle on my left foot and looked down to see ants all over it. I dropped the hose and started swatting, but I missed at least one that was up my pant leg (ants in my pants!), and it bit me in several spots on my thigh before I finally killed it half an hour later. Later, while I was looking at my legs and admiring my ant bites, I noticed a very angry rash in my right knee-pit. I don't think it's from the ants, but now it's in my left knee-pit also and is spreading up my legs and is itchy and distracting. Awesome. I'm going to assume it's a reaction to that lotion I've been using to slowly tan myself and lay off using it. I have a doctor appointment next Monday morning (my annual checkup), so if it's not gone by then I'll make my doctor look at it. Not funny, Universe.

Did I tell you how sometimes Esther will poop on the rug next to the cat box instead of pooping in the cat box? Francisco caught her doing it a couple few weeks ago and told her NO in a big, scary police command voice and also gave her a little swat (not enough to be painful; just to startle her). Since then she hadn't done any rug pooping, but yesterday morning when I got up, her turds were on the rug. I picked them up with a paper towel, but then when I got home from work yesterday there were more turds waiting for me. I took Esther over to them and used the big NO! BAD GIRL ESTHER voice on her and delivered a tiny swat to her haunch (she probably didn't even feel it) and I'm hoping it will have some effect on her rug pooping, because I am tired of picking up her turds. Whenever I have to do that, I think "WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE?!", though the answer is obvious. I told Andy Anchev about the rug pooping when he and Catie were visiting, and he said that cats are just assholes. I think this is a true statement, but I love cats anyway (probably a little bit because of their assholishness) and never want to be without them.

Along those lines, this morning I dreamt a kitten got into our house, except I thought it was a tiny rabbit at first because it was hopping instead of walking, and I took it outside but it meowed (which is when I realized it was not a rabbit) and ran back to me so I decided we were keeping it. And when I woke up I couldn't help hoping a tiny kitten adopts us, because who doesn't love kittens? Nobody, that's who.

Today during lunch I went to the city office to renew my business license. I decided not to close the business, since it's only costing me $30/year, because that way I'm leaving myself open to the possibility of something happening with it, like the opportunity to photograph nude couples who aren't doing anything "gross" [see also: some previous entry, can't remember which]. Anyway, the woman who took my money was pretty brusque and unfriendly, but then some other woman who was nearby said 'ouch!" and then said she'd bent her fingernail back, which is when unfriendly woman and I bonded through twin horrified cringing. Our new best friendship didn't last long, but it was fun to overreact with her while it lasted.

After work I will go home and have some [surprise!] Thai chicken soup for dinner, with a salad, but I'm going to freeze the rest of the soup, because it's good but I'm going to be tired of it after tonight. That will free me up to eat other things, such as yellow squash, which are beginning to be a little ridiculously prolific. I love having a garden!

That's it for today. I'd like to give a special shout-out to the love of my life, Francisco, who told me last night that he's going to enjoy reading my diary even more now that he's in Seattle 5 days out of the week. I miss him.




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