This morning I was rushing around getting ready to leave and I was finally ready, so I shut and locked the door to the outside on the sun porch, and then shut and locked the sun porch door to the inside, and then went through the house and out the front and locked that. I then went around back to get my bike and as I was walking it occurred to me I hadn't seen Esther on my way out and I wondered if I'd just shut her in the sun porch. I thought probably not but that I should check, so I looked through one of the porch windows, and sure enough, there she was, regarding me with that kind of quizzically insolent look cats have perfected through the ages. I had to go back in the house, of course, to free her, and she protested mightily when I brought her in, the idiot. It sort of gave me a wiggins to think about her stuck out on the sun porch all day long. There would be the peeing and pooping, of course, but she'd also get dehydrated because of how hot it gets out there in the afternoon. That fool cat came very close to being miserable today; I'm glad I decided to check for her, not that she appreciated it.

I arrived to work in a super foul mood and attempted to cheer myself up by talking in a southern accent to my first customers. I intended to talk like that all day long, but during that first conversation I decided it took too much energy and switched back to my normal talking halfway through a sentence. If those people were confused, they didn't let on. My mood has improved a bit and will hopefully continue to improve. The main contributors to my bad mood were 1) hormones 2) feeling stressy 3) not yet having a good Francisco-less morning routine, which means I end up rushing and feeling even stressier. I'm brainstorming about the morning routine, and specifically how I can get everything done that I need to in the mornings and still have time for the leisurely drinking of coffee. For starters I'm going to begin making my lunch the night before and also set up the coffee the night before so I can just push the button on the coffee maker in the morning. That won't save a LOT of time, but it'll save a little. With Francisco gone [he left for sleepaway police camp on Sunday] I need to water the lawn and vegetable garden in the morning and this is taking more time that I anticipated, so I'm looking to streamline.

Speaking of the garden, though, this morning I harvested 3 cucumbers and 2 yellow squash, plus about 4 pea pods. We've been using our basil, parsley, and rosemary, and also some of the garlic in the garden, and it will hopefully not be too much longer before the tomatoes start getting ripe. Yay for gardens! The fava beans, the peppers, and the eggplant are all flowering so hopefully they will hurry up with the fruiting. They'd better [shaking fists menacingly].

So, there's a job that just opened up within my department that is a sort of computer system support person, and I think I'm going to apply for it. I talked to the person vacating the position, and I don't need a computer science background (which is handy, since I don't have one), like I thought I might. She told me she thought I'd be a good candidate for the position, and it 1) pays more and 2) would free me up from having to talk to students and parents, so it's potentially a dream come true. I'm not one of those people whose resume is always updated and ready to go (I admire those people), so I'll need to update it and get my cover letter ready for when the job is posted, whenever that will be. If, after interviewing (assuming I score an interview), I don't think I'd like the job, I could always withdraw my application, right? Right.

Last night I made Thai chicken soup, which I love, but I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to make a double batch, as usual. That is a lot of soup for just me to be eating--I guess it'll be my main dinner all week and I can make salads or vegetables of some type to go with it. It may take me a while to get used to Francisco being gone.

He left on Sunday at about 11:30 in the a.m., by the way. He had to go early because of checking in and stuff; on future Sundays he won't have to leave until the evening. I miss him, of course, but I've been keeping busy, and we're talking on the phone daily. I slept horribly on Sunday night, partly because I never sleep well on Sundays but also because I kept waking up to what I thought were unusual noises in the house. Last night I slept just fine due to being extra tired from the night before, so I guess that worked out well.

I would write more but I got busy returning approximately one thousand phone calls and now it's past 5 and I want to go home. Talk to you soon, lambies.




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