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Arrgh, I arrived to work in a fairly good mood, but then the first people I had to talk to were assholes and sent my mood plummeting. It was a student and her dad, and it was the dad who was an asshole. He kept rolling his eyes and acting like everything he had to do was a huge inconvenience upon his lordship until finally I couldn't even pretend to not find that irritating and scowled at him. He didn't seem to find it surprising; I'm sure he engenders that sort of reaction in a lot of people. Fuck you, asshole dad. FUCK. YOU.

Sorry mom.

I slept well last night and woke up at 5:09 (I forgot to set my alarm to go off, at 5, but 5:09 is pretty close). I got up and put on clothes and my lenses and took my pill and fed and watered the cats and opened the windows and back door and got the sprinkler going on the lawn and changed the litter in the cat box and made coffee and watered the garden and picked some snap peas and did not get bit by ants today and made my lunch and gave Esther her inhaler and watched tv for 20 minutes while drinking coffee and took a shower and got dressed and put on makeup and went to work. As you can see, there was no mention of exercising in there, which is something I really want to do in the mornings (I know myself too well to know if I don't do it in the mornings, I won't do it), so I guess I have to start getting up at 4:30? That is almost too dismal to even contemplate. After fall arrives and we stop watering the lawn and the garden dies a natural death, I will be simply SWIMMING in free time in the morning, but right now there's just a lot to do. 4:30 it is!

I still have the rash but it hasn't spread further. By the time I went to bed last night, the rash in my right knee pit was really painful--not itchy at all, just painful. I put some lotion on it (it has a delightfully scaly quality to it, and by delightfully I mean horrifically) before bed and it felt better this morning. I re-lotioned it after my shower and will continue to do so and hope it goes away. Stupid weirdo rash.

Something I keep forgetting to tell you, Internet, is how the Shark started talking to a kid at a bus stop a couplethree weeks ago and they very quickly figured out they used to be best friends in the second grade (the Shark came to live with us in the summer between his second and third grade years). And do you know, they have picked up where they left off--it is exactly this kind of shit that makes me shake my head at the cleverness of the Universe. I don't care if it makes me sound flaky or whatever; I totally do not believe their re-meetup is a coincidence.

In a few minutes I'll go home and make up the guest bed for Francisco's mom--she's coming over tomorrow for Frannie's 3rd birthday party on Saturday [which I am excited about]. I also need to clean the bathroom and do a few other things, so tonight will be busy and I only hope I'll have enough time to drink my customary glass of red wine. For my HEALTH, don't you know. I am very committed to my health.

Have a great night!


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