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A few weeks ago, Francisco accidentally left the garage door open as well as the door into the garage from the house, and Lucy managed to escape outside via this route for a few minutes before Francisco caught her and put her back in the house. Since then, she's been yowling to get into the garage, convinced it's her ticket to freedom. We let her in there several times a day and set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes so we don't forget her in there (it's been cold and, nudge though she is, we'd rather she not freeze to death), and you'd think she'd realize by this point that she can't get out that way, but I guess she's an optimist. Also stupid.

Here is what I received for my birthday last week:

From Sharky: A tabletop tripod for my cameras. This way when I get drunk at a dinner party, I can still take non-blurry pictures. That kid is so thoughtful.

From my parents: A funky purse and a Target gift card. Sweet! I've been longing for a Target shopping trip for weeks, so now I can drive to Yakima and spend spend spend.

From Francisco: 1) Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac, which I had been wanting. 2) Amy Sedaris's new book, I Like You; Hospitality Under the Influence. I have just finished reading it and I give it 800 stars. It is both helpful and outrageous, and if you know somebody who likes to give parties and also likes to laugh a lot, you should give her/him this book for Christmas. It is AWESOME. 3) A gorgeous necklace with a big jade pendant; I wore it to work last Thursday. I like the way the pendant gets warm from resting on my chest region. 4) A large and extremely nice tripod that will host my cameras as well as our digital video camera which we have not used nearly enough yet. That's about to change.

Today I've been clearing up a bunch of stuff I've been procrastinating, and also packing up the AtomicTonic ornaments for mailing. We will probably go to the gym and the grocery store later, and maybe to the Goodwill. We didn't go to the Goodwill this morning like we usually do because Francisco wanted to check out the Unitarian church that's 1/2 block from us. From his report it sounds pretty good, and I think I'll go with him next Sunday. I know, right? CRAZY.

I guess that's all for now, especially since Francisco just handed me a bowl of stir fried chicken and pea pods for lunch. YUM.




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