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My poor Lucy. Her NC vet told us that after we got settled here, we should get Lucy's teeth cleaned, and as long as she was anesthetized for that, also get her weird back mole removed and biopsied. Francisco scheduled that for this morning, but last night we forgot to put away the cats' food (since Lucy wasn't supposed to eat after midnight), so we had to reschedule for Monday. I'm just sorry we have to do it at all; I know she's going to be super stressed and unhappy, and it kills me to inflict that on her. Plus the whole anesthesia thing worries me, but I'm not going to think about that.

Esther isn't worried at all about Lucy, or anything else, for that matter:

Esther thinks it's fun to hang out on my freshly-washed sweater

She Should be worried about me beating her furry ass for sitting on my clean sweater, but of course I would never lay a hand on her--she's far too cute.

Last night when I got home I was really really hungry, and Francisco had made these pork chops. Let me tell you, they are a winner. I'm pretty sure I set some kind of land speed record for dinner consumption, which obviously is not healthy OR dainty, but hot damn, it was just what the doctor ordered and I could not get the food into my body fast enough. My name is Eva and I approve those pork chops.

Over the weekend I finally finished my AtomicTonic ornaments for this year, and Francisco mailed them out for me yesterday. I'm pretty happy with them but not entirely, so I think it might be time (well, for next year) to do an ornament that's more Martha Stewart and less Phyllis Diller. I'll see how I feel next fall.

Do you have exciting Thanksgiving plans, cat babies? We're going over to Bremerton to dine with Francisco's family, all ho-jillion of them. It would sure be a shame if the pass was closed; in that case we'd have to stay home, being cozy in pajamas all day. HEINOUS. But I know Francisco's mom would be disappointed, and I wouldn't like that to happen. Also, I've been looking forward to seeing Twyla, Sonny, and the girls. Frances is walking now, and THAT I want to see, so hopefully the pass will remain open. We've been appointed to bring sparkling cider to the dinner, in a way that suggested we should, under no circumstances, also bring wine. His relatives are super religious and officially do not approve of drinking, though I noted several of them had no qualms about drinking our wine a couplethree Christmases ago. We'll take a bottle of wine to share with immediate family, back at Francisco's mom's, and the other relatives need know nothing about our sinful behavior.

I'm still on the road to Recovery, from being depressed, though I make occasional side-trips to Crybaby Town. It's not as nice there as you would think, though they have some lovely monuments to kleenex and to the fetal position. But anyway, I'm making headway and nothing's going to stop me from being non-crazy again. Not you, [*pointing wildly*] or you, or even YOU, Hamburgler!

Now I will wrap this up and go home to see my mens and my cats and my dinner.




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