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Hello internet. How are you? I'm starting to feel better; I think I'm on the road to recovery. Thank you so, so much for all your good wishes--it helps me to know that people care. You are all the smartest and the prettiest.

I think I've figured out what's been wrong with me, and it's two things:

1) I've been feeling crappy, with low-grade fevers and whatnot, I assume from inflammation caused by my immune system out thugging. Apparently it effects my mood more than I thought. I've started taking ibuprofen when I get the fevers, though my inclination is to let them run their course, because I've noticed I'm far less mentally healthy when I'm nursing a fever. It's not for nothing that I've lived 39 years on this planet--a girl is occasionally forced to learn a thing or two.

2) Remember how excited I was to move across the country, with all the big changes that whole thing promised? It turns out my life is pretty much exactly the same as before we moved, with the same job even, though to be fair I now have a lot more cameras than before. It's been kind of a letdown to have the same exact life when I was so excited to see how things might change. I mean, it's COLDER here, but otherwise not so different. So this requires an attitude adjustment on my part, and I've started working on that.

Did you notice how I mentioned my 39 years upon the planet, a couple paragraphs back? I snuck that in specifically because it's my birthday today, and nobody but you (and my family and a few other people) knows that, internet--it is our little secret. I didn't want to announce it at work for fear people would feel obligated to run out and get me a pity cake; I would really hate for that to happen, it would make me very uncomfortable.

I told you Francisco took the police tests because he's applying to be an Ellensburg police officer, right? He got a notice today that they're giving him an oral board interview, to be scheduled for early December. I'm happy for him--it's great news--and yet those interviews are horrendously stressful, so I'm nervous for him too. *fingers crossed in advance*

I'm going to post this and run off home now. Francisco's making me macaroni and cheese, and I have presents to open. WHEE!

Talk to you later,


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