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Last night Francisco and I made sushi, and in honor of the sushi (and as a tip of the hat to our sloshing soy sauce containers) we had dinner at the table instead of in the living room. The sushi turned our pretty good and I think it will become a regular member of our dinner repertoire. We had intended to take a picture of the sushi and pass it off as our Monday night dinner (for the Monday Night Dinner group on Flickr), but we completely forgot--Francisco was devastated by this but he got over it. After dinner, Sharky said, "Let's do something as a family". We said okay and asked what he wanted to do. "I don't television?" So we watched a movie, as a family. Ahhh togetherness.

Other things we did this weekend:

1) Watched Grizzly Man. It was very interesting and is highly recommended by me. I'm pretty sure Discovery Channel will be rerunning it into the ground, so it's my advice to you to check your local listings and see it for yourself. I want to talk about it but am not sure where to start because there's just too much.

2) Picked up the latest Smena pictures. They weren't as bad as I thought they'd be (though they are not masterpieces), so I guess Lex is right and black and white film is very forgiving. These are my two favorites from the roll:

observation tower

rocks and trees

3) Went to the track yesterday with Francisco. It was bitterly cold when the wind blew, but I was glad to get out, as the weather on Saturday had made that impossible and my ass was starting to become one with the sofa.

4) Ordered anniversary gifts for my parents. Their anniversary is Valentine's Day and I think [hope hope] they'll like what we got them.

5) Knitted. Oy, it is slow going.

6) Painted my toenails a sparkly red. What is truly sick about that is the toenail painting had been on my to-do list for, no lie, two weeks. The fact I put it on there at all is sick, but procrastinating it for two weeks is ridiculous.

I laid awake last night obsessing (yet again) about getting my money back from that thieving eBay seller. I came up with a plan I think just might work, but before I implement it I will call him to see if I can get a refund via good old-fashioned shaming. I hadn't called him yet because I was waiting for a reply--ANY reply--from that customer service, but nothing from those assholes and I have to conclude they won't be writing back either. I have a hunch about which person of the two names/numbers I have is the seller, so I'll call that guy first and if it's not him, no big deal, I'll just call the other guy. Anyway, laying awake while formulating an evil plan is very bad for one's mental health, because I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight and am very tired today. I know some people stay up past midnight on a regular basis, but I'm used to getting a decent amount of sleep so I feel pretty assy today, but better right now than I did this morning, when I was ready to weep at the slightest provocation.

I'm going home now to rest up from a hard day of pretending to work. What's unfortunate is I've been taking a lot of ibuprofen in an attempt to quell the inflammation in my sacroiliac joint, because it still hurts, and in conjunction with that I'm not drinking because I don't want to damage my liver, but a glass of wine tonight would go down a treat.*


* I used this phrase on purpose, because Max and I were talking today about how we're both picking up Britishisms, thanks to Flickr and certain English people and their slangy ways, but even if I wasn't using the phrase to make a point, I still would've wanted to use it anyway. Do you see how they're brainwashing me? Next I'll be calling toilet paper 'bog roll'; just you watch. |


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