I will never bitch about the Universe again, or at least not for two weeks


People, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but yesterday I forgot to tell you something Extremely Exciting. You know how I've been pining for Husky Ne'er-Do-Well for, like, years? Twyla announced yesterday that Brandon Bird is now selling prints of all his paintings at his site, so I rushed over and bought the print. $40 is much more in line with my art budget than several hundred dollars, so I think the Universe really came through on this one, via Brandon Bird, of course. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know the Husky Ne'er-Do-Well quest has ended happily and now I have nothing to wish for except world peace and an Archipolitan.

Speaking of birds, which we really weren't but let's pretend, this morning I had a very creepy dream that I was in a house with a low-ceilinged staircase, and I had to go up the stairs for something but the ceiling and walls were lined with birds. Real ones, medium sized and brown. I made it up to the next floor okay, but when I came back down the birds had gotten more numerous and the ceiling was a lot lower, so I had to sit down on the stairs and slide down but then a bird hopped onto me and when I tried to shoo it off, it bit me on the finger and wouldn't let go. I'm not sure why I dreamed this, because I'm not afraid of birds (well, small birds. Large birds like swans make me nervous and big birds like ostriches, forget about it: total freakout), but I did not like it.

Let's talk about Television because we haven't done that in awhile: I totally forgot about the new Survivor starting last night and MISSED IT. I am grieving but will see if it is being rerun by any chance and will get a season pass so I don't miss any of the other episodes. Tonight I'm excited about television because the Discovery Channel is showing Grizzly Man at 8:00 and we've been wanting to see that. Hoo boy this is gonna be good. Last night we watched Outback House, recorded from the previous night, and I like it but am worried about the precious precious lambs.

The only plans I have for the weekend (other than the usuals and knocking a few things off my to-do list) is to pick up my b&w pictures tomorrow morning. I would also like to sleep through the night at some point this weekend, rather than waking up at 4:00 and laying awake for at least an hour, which has been the norm for the past few nights. Do you hear me, Universe? Some sleep would be great.

And now I go home to grant one of my own wishes and have dinner.

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