my hands were shaking so much it was ridiculous


Yesterday just before I left work, I texted 'Dreas, asking: "Who wouldn't love a nice cock?" This is a question that [ahem] arose from a forum discussion, by the way. He texted back: "Dad? Is that you?" Good times.

[sorry for saying cock, Mom]

Do y'all watch The Colbert Report? We do and it's hilarious, but what's Really cracking me up today is The Colbert Nation website, particularly this. His Tek Jansen chapters are funny too. I wonder who's writing that stuff, because I'm pretty sure Stephen Colbert is capable of producing that kind of silliness himself, but I doubt he has the time. Funny funny.

New addition to my 'Dead to Me' list: Arjen Robben, who plays for Chelsea. HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID.

I did something this afternoon for which I am Ludicrously proud: I called that eBay seller's number. I know I've been declaring I was going to do it, but the truth is I absolutely hate calling strangers so I was really dreading it. I forced myself to go through with it, calling the name/number I had the hunch about, and the hunch turned out to be correct. Fortunately the person who answered was a teenage boy who readily admitted that the seller lived there. What I wasn't expecting was that it was his mom--I totally expected it to be a man who's been ripping me off, which is sort of sexist except the seller goes by Adamblue, so assuming it was a man is not unreasonable. Unfortunately the seller wasn't at home, but now that I know who I'm dealing with and that I have the right number, I'm not that nervous to call, and will call again tonight. I sent her a message through eBay to say I was sorry to have missed her at home but that I would call later, and what I also did today was some set up for my backup plan, in case the shaming does not work. Before I called the seller this afternoon, I took Morgan's advice (see guestbook, and thanks Morgan!) and called my credit card company to see if there was any way to dispute the charge at this point. The time to dispute it over the phone is past, so I would need to fax them a letter with details and they would look into it. The woman I spoke to said she wasn't optimistic about my chances, since 3rd party services (like Paypal or this horrible Marketworks) declare themselves not responsible if someone loses money, but maybe it would help that I now have the seller's name, phone number, and address--maybe Visa could contact her directly. So I might try that, actually, but I want to give the shaming a chance first.

Not much else to report today. We had a shower for my coworker who's getting married this weekend and I helped with preparation for that this morning; she was surprised and seemed to have a good time. I called today for a haircut appointment and will go on Friday afternoon for that--thank dog, too, because growing the hair out is not working for me and I don't enjoy wearing it up as much as I thought I might. I'll need to find a little coat for the hooks; Dennis asked if I'd be bringing one in.

I guess that's about it for today and I'm really glad I forced myself to call the seller, because I feel like I finally did something about it, even though all I did was find out who the seller was, so far. But even just doing that is better than fuming about it while doing nothing, at least in terms of how I feel about the situation, you know?

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