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My brain is all over the place today and I shouldn't even try to write an update, but I'm going to since I didn't do one yesterday, as I was too busy drinking: Our office had a cocktail party after work, except it started at around 4:30, which is my prime updating time. ANYWAY, not a lot to tell you. I ironed stuff onto onesies last night and they were my gift at the grandpa shower today [it's absolutely sick how much stuff he was given. do I need to reiterate that he's the grandpa??]. I thought most people would like them but that some people would disapprove, but fortunately if anyone disapproved, they didn't say anything. Here are the onesies I made:

gift for a newborn

People keep telling me I should sell them, and you know? I'm going to. Yesterday I decided I'm going to start a small, on-the-side business when we move to Ellensburg, with the idea of selling things at the farmers' market there, and onesies are on my list of things to sell. I figure if it doesn't work out I'll at least have lots of stuff to give as gifts, right? Plus a loss to write off on our tax return, so I don't feel I'll be taking a big risk or anything. Unfortunately once I start sellling onesies I won't be able to steal pictures from the internet to use on them, but maybe I could hurry up and take some funny pictures to use instead.

Big thanks to Morgan for recommending this excellent t-shirt. You ROCK, Morgan! Gareth Keenan INVESTIGATES (aka Max) thinks so too.

The people who own the house in Ellensburg that we want to rent still haven't definitely said we can rent it, but I expect they will, once they've talked about it (Francisco's been in communication with the female owner but she'll probably need to discuss with her co-owner husband before giving us the go-ahead). She wasn't worried about our cats but we Will need to give an extra deposit for them. No problem; I'm positive we'll get it back when we're done living in that house. Our cats do not wreck things, which I'm grateful for. I hope they'll officially say yes to us soon, so we can know where we'll be living. I'm so looking forward to being in a new place. I plan to explore the crap out of Ellensburg and the surrounding area, and I'll probably crash Flickr with all the pictures I'll be loading.

This weekend I will:

1) Visit my sister tomorrow, with Francisco and Sharky.
2) Hopefully take a long hikey walk on Sunday.
3) Haul all my Project Supplies out from where they're stashed and reorder them, because I have supplies that were in our under-eaves storage area to incorporate.
4) Finish the second sleeve of Francisco's sweater (I'm SO close) and knit both sleeves onto the body for the home stretch of this blasted sweater which I've taken far too much time knitting.
5) Perform other duties as assigned.

This morning at the grandpa shower (...), the boss's wife (she came over for it) said something about how he should let us leave at 3:00 today and he said he would. I'm skeptical that he'll actually close the office at 3:00, but just in case I'd better sign off on this entry so I can get an hour's worth of work done today. Oy.


PS Song of the Day: Beck -- Soul Suckin' Jerk. I can't imagine who I was thinking of when I chose this one... At Badminton Stamps. |


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