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My friends, join with me in praying for Liverpool, that they may crush their enemy, Birmingham City, today, and go on to the next round in the FA Cup. A moment of silence, if you please..................................................................................................................................Amen.

So I had a pretty good weekend except I started feeling unwell on Sunday--very very tired, completely sapped of energy--and didn't feel all that great yesterday either. Yesterday the joints in my hands were super sore, and I'm not sure why, but they're much improved today. It's possible the soreness could've been from knitting on Sunday, but I didn't really do all that much, so I don't know. I joined the sleeves of Francisco's sweater with the body and as I was doing it I was thinking it was almost exactly like defusing a bomb, except completely different. It was a successful operation, at any rate, so now I need to knit a couple more inches before starting decreasing for the saddle shoulders. I've never done saddle shoulders before but the book I'm using for this makes them sound like a complicated maneuver that is also great fun. So we'll see.

On Friday, Francisco's sister, Twyla, found an inn for sale in Ellensburg and she emailed us to see if we'd want to buy it with her and Sonny. Francisco also talked to her on the phone on Saturday and she was quite excited about it, whicih was contageous. We thought about it a lot over the weekend, the pros and cons, but as it happens, Twyla and Sonny had to be in the Ellensburg area yesterday, so they decided to go on Sunday and stay the night at the inn. Apparently it's not so great as it seemed on the internet, and the man selling the place is a jerk of some kind. So that's all off now, but it was fun to think about it while it lasted, though much of my thinking was about how we'd have to get rid of the themes in the rooms ASAP; I was planning for the "I love Christmas" room to be the first to go under the knife.

We watched 'Maria, Full of Grace' this weekend and it was very good. Highly recommended. Also this weekend I packed up a whole bunch of my Project Supplies and put them in our storage locker thingy. I made sure to keep the stuff I'll need for the next couple of months in the house, but since we also put in the storage locker the table under which so many of the Project Supplies were lurking, the bedroom is a lot more roomy.

On Sunday, our neighbor put her dog out behind her house in the tiny dog enclosure she has and left the poor thing out there for 6 hours, from 3 until 9, which was when Francisco went over and asked her to please bring the dog in, for the love of all that's holy, because it was on our last nerve and was getting all the other neighborhood dogs worked up. The dog howled, see. Piteously, for 6 straight hours, and if you don't think that could drive a person insane you must be quite hard-hearted. This particular neighbor had just told Francisco, earlier that day, that she was going to sell her house soon because the neighborhood isn't as quiet as it used to be, a statement I couldn't help recalling later as I was in a continuous full-body flinch in reaction to the howling. Not as quiet as it used to be, no shit.

Song of the Day: Field Music -- You're So Pretty, at 3hive. There are 3 others there as well, if you like that one.

Going home to watch the Liverpool game now. I'm just sure they'll win, what with all the prayers and everything.

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