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One thing I'm going to miss about working here is being able to pop my head into my coworker's office and get an immediate answer to the question, "Is 'shitfire' one word or two?" I work with some pretty great people.

Francisco heard back from the woman who owns the house we might potentially rent in Ellensburg, and now I Reeeeeeallllly want to rent that house. It's not that it's super fantastic or anything, but I just think it would be a great fit for us. It's smaller than our current house, by a little over 200 square feet (it's a two bedroom, rather than three), but it has a garage we could put stuff in so we wouldn't have to rent a separate storage locker thingy. It's only 4 blocks from CWU and is near a whole bunch of other great stuff (Francisco found this out via Google maps). It's a little ugly on the outside (yucky shade of brown), but it's a 70s mod style, which I like, and it appears to have a fireplace. It's got a dishwasher and air-conditioning, plus the woman implied it has washer/drier hookups, and that would be great because I'd rather not have to haul stuff to a laundromat. The biggest drawback is it only has one bathroom, but I'm thinking we can work around that, especially for only $700/month in rent. Francisco emailed her to express our interest and hopefully she won't be scared off by our cats--Francisco's offering an extra deposit to try and allay any worries she might have that they'd destroy anything. Honestly I can't imagine what they could wreck in that house, considering they've never wrecked anything in Our house. They are well behaved little ladies, you know.

Speaking of ladies, have you ever seen lace being handmade? Because we were watching Globe Trekker (new fave) last night and they showed some women making lace in Brugge, and let me tell you, it is fucking Terrifying. We were totally freaking out at the movement of those womens' hands, and I really believe if I was confronted by lace-making face to face I would run away screaming. Not recommended.

Francisco got a really good knife-sharpening tool a few weeks ago, so he's been keeping our knives very sharp, and consequently he cuts himself almost every day. Yesterday he was cutting some long walking sticks (don't ask) and stripping the bark, and he ended up with something like 17 little cuts on his hands. He'd bought liquid bandage and was applying it, and I couldn't resist asking him, "Wouldn't it just be easier to peel a patty pan squash?". Because I don't know if you've ever peeled one of those, but they ooze some kind of liquid that dries onto your hands and is very difficult to remove. I will never peel them without wearing gloves again.

Songs of the Day:

Get Him Eat Him -- Mumble Mumble, at Say Anything Syndrome.

Kristen Hersh -- Deep Wilson, at The Face of Today.

The Pipettes -- Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me, at Interpretations Diverses.

The M's -- Trucker Speed, at SUCKA PANTS.

Lyle Lovett -- That's Right (You're Not From Texas), at Some Velvet Blog. I love this song.

That's all for today, then. Francisco and I are going to walk when I get home and I'm really looking forward to that. We also have two Liverpool games to watch, and I'm excited for that even though I know they lost one of them (don't know about the other).

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