I threw those pants straight into the garbage


Wearing a short sleeved cotton shirt, cotton capri pants and no shoes right now (I wore sandals to work but they're off) and still I sweat. This is because it's 80 degrees upstairs in our office (60 degrees downstairs--the A/C is working overtime), so I can't catch a break. We just finished the coworker's shower and it turned out pretty good and was more fun than I expected, probably because the boss stayed home today with his extremely contagious virus, the silly ass. I'm glad this woman got a lot of gifts, because she doesn't have much and probably has not been pampered too much in her life. Yesterday when I left the office to shop, I mentioned to my second in command boss that I was going to TJ Maxx and she said she was going to go there after work to find a gift, also. I saw this "foot spa" kit in a sort of cool box and decided to buy it as the gift (along with some fantastic-smelling shower gel), but then I worried the second in command would buy it too, so I tried to call her, with no success. Luckily I carry post-its and a pen in my purse, so I wrote a note that said, "Pat--Don't buy this; it's what I bought. Eva" and stuck it to the shelf where the others were. Of course she didn't see it--she decided to go to Marshalls instead--so some random people are reading my note. This pleases me.

Tonight Francisco, Boy, and I are going shopping because Boy needs some shoes and wants to get a belt. He also wants several more pairs of pants, but dude. He has so many pants, and he just doesn't want to wear them because they're not the style he likes. This morning I saw he was wearing pants he wore earlier this week, and I made him change--he was pissed. I threw the pants in the garbage after he went to school, because they had a big hole in the butt and his underwear was showing through. They also had a big split below the knee and frayed hems, but those I could live with--underwear hanging out gets thrown away. He thinks I'm a terrible parent, but so be it. Tomorrow we're going to do some stuff in the morning (chore and project stuff) and then see a matinee of Starsky and Hutch, which I heard from reliable sources is very funny. Sunday Francisco is going to a Shootenanny, and Boy and I are going to see Hidalgo. I read Hidalgo wasn't very good, but I don't care, I'm seeing it anyway.

Have a good weekend,


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