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Okay, it is HOT in my building, and that's just not right. A girl shouldn't have to be sweating in her office in early March, when it's only 74 degrees out. If the weather is going to be this good tomorrow (which it is), I'm wearing capri pants and sandals. You heard me. And besides, that's exactly what one of my coworkers is wearing today, for she is smart and I am dumb, and therefore I'm sweating and she isn't.

At least I'm leaving a little early today, and can get outside where it's cooler. The office is having a bridal shower for one of our coworkers tomorrow, and I need to go buy a gift. There is no declared gift theme for the shower, but I think everyone is buying things specifically for the bride, since we all feel the marriage will not last (this is not mean-spirited on our parts--there are many specific reasons the marriage seems doomed) and we don't want the guy she's marrying to end up with our gifts. So I'm going to the TJ Maxx around 4:30, to shop for things she might like; I don't know her all that well and I'm not going to try and buy clothing items, but TJ Maxx has all kinds of other things. And, hey, maybe while I'm there I'll find a dress to wear to Minired's wedding and then I could cross "dress shopping" off my master list of things to do.

Francisco made the best dinner last night. He made Alton Brown's cashew-coconut milk sauce with chicken, over rice, and oh my wax. So good. I brought some for lunch today and would've licked the container if I could've gotten my face in there without getting it goopy. Alas.

Tonight I will work on a project and have dinner and watch Survivor. I will also paint my toenails, since I'll be doing the sandal thing tomorrow. Alla y'all in the cold northern states should envy me, but not too much, because the weather won't last. We always get a warm spell in March that makes everyone think it's spring, and then it snows again or something. Tricksy weather, always taking our spring away.

That's all.



PS Oh wait, that is Not all. Get this--all week the boss has been coming in here sick and miserable, and today he finally went to the doctor and he has some highly contagious virus. Gee, thanks, Bossman, for spreading that around. I. Will. Kill him. |


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