the old onion bag


It's amazing how much better a girl can feel when she gets a solid 8 hours sleep. I still have a sore throat and cold symptoms, but I feel pretty darn good, and that's excellent, since I've needed to work my ass off today. I've gotten so much done!

Song of the Day: Liz Phair's cover of 'Mother's Little Helper', at Stereogum. GO!

Recently when I've been taking the freeway home from work, I've been seeing two deer eating grass on the side of the road, at the same place every time. One of the deer is a baby (oldish, but still has spots), and I love seeing them, because I used to see just the one deer eating there by the freeway, last fall and winter, and now she's got her baby dining there with her. I worry the baby will jump out into traffic, but hopefully the baby will follow the mother's example; she seems to know what she's doing.

Last night we watched Liverpool vs. Royal Betis, and during the stoppage time, at the end of the game, Liverpool's goalie was yellow carded for wasting time. And it occurred to me that it would be so great to have a life referee who would step up and yellow card me for time wasting. Like, if I mess around on the interweb when I should be working, or if I sit down to watch a Golden Girls rerun, he would appear out of nowhere, hold up a yellow card, and write my name down in his little book. I think that would be a good reminder not to waste precious minutes on stupid things, but I guess that's something I'm supposed to realize and monitor on my own. Still, it would be kind of cool.

Oh, but another thing about that game, the commentators were Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth, guys I'd never heard of before because I guess they comment mainly for the Champions League [I don't really know--I'm talking out my ass here]. ANYWAY, what I want to say about them is they were killing us. Derek Rae is Scottish and Tommy Smyth is Irish, and the combination of their accents and the things they were saying had us rolling. I mean, they weren't Trying to be funny, but there's just something about the accents (it was mainly the Irish accent) that makes things funny. Tommy Smyth kept talking about Peter Crouch, Liverpool's 6' 7" player, and he and Rae would have exchanges like this one:

Rae: The goalkeeper came quite far out of the box for that one.
Smyth: Well, but he Had to, with Crouch thundering down on him like that.

...which is not Funny, except it was with that Irish accent. They kept talking about how long Crouch's legs are, and saying he's a gentle giant, not an old fashioned bruiser, but maybe if he put on a stone he'd be an old fashioned bruiser. I think it would take a couple stone, but whatever. Oh, also Tommy Smyth was calling the goal net "the old onion bag", and see, that's pretty amusing. He also described a player as "nippy". So anyway, blah blah blah ginger; I'm looking forward to watching more Champions League games so I can hear those guys talk.

I don't believe I have anything else to report at this time.



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