it's pronounced like boo-buh de-op, just so you know


One of Sharky's new schoolmates (also a freshman at the high school) is a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. I mention this because 1) it is weird and 2) the kid brought a new pair of shoes to school yesterday and gave them to Sharky--apparently the kid gets to keep all the clothes he models, and he wore the shoes for a photo shoot but they're too small for him. The shoes are leather hightop Converse, and they're too small for Sharky also, but guess who they fit. That's right; me. So I am now the owner of a pair of shoes worn in an Abercrombie ad, and I don't know why I'm telling you all this, but I am, so there you go.

Today I was:

1) Sick
2) Working in someone else's office
3) Dreading a meeting I had to go to
4) All of the above

As you can surely guess, the correct answer is 4. I woke up with Sharky's cold this morning and feel really crappy, especially because I woke up in the middle of the night and laid awake for 3 hours, so I'm tired as well as sick. My computer had a major meltdown just after 9:00 this morning and had to be taken away for questioning by one of the computer guys, so I worked in the office of my coworker who's in Europe right now, but around 1:30-ish my computer was brought back and is okay now. And when I first heard about this afternoon's meeting (a couple of weeks ago), I thought I could surely weasel out of it, but then the boss said we all had to go, so I put "super retardo meeting, 3-5" on my calendar, and it really was, but at least I got to lay eyes on the new main head honcho of this organization. He seems like a good guy, and I only wish it wasn't so cold in that meeting room, because I'm still thawing out.

In other news, we watched the Newcastle United vs. Fulham game last night, and it was really good, and it also featured an enormous player named Bouba Diop (plays for Fulham). I love his name and my brain keeps saying it, like every two to three minutes. Stupid brain. Be less crazy!

I'm leaving now, and I'm hopeful Francisco was able to think of something to make for dinner that is spicy and will burn my throat, because I crave that today.

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