thank you, weather, for a good weekend


Francisco and I went to the track this morning, and just after we'd arrived and were walking to the track from the parking lot, he let out quite a loud fart, which prompted this exchange:

ME: Such a gentleman; waiting to fart until we're out of the car.
HIM: Right, and when we're in the house, I go into another room to fart--that's how much of a gentleman I am. Or if we Are in the same room, at least I don't let one off right next to you, like if we're sitting on the couch.
ME: Or if you do, you at least have the decency to do it silently.
HIM: YES! Or if not silently, then I at Least apologize, right?
ME: Such a gentleman...

Oh, and Francisco specifically demanded that I tell you how I asked him on Friday night if he wanted to smell Esther's earwax. She was acting like her ear itched so I stuck my thumb in there and gently rubbed her ear parts, and then she smelled my thumb and I smelled it and asked him if he wanted to smell it. I believe his exact words to me were, "NO I don't want to smell her earwax, and the next time you update your diary, I want you to tell everyone how you asked me to smell it, you big freak!" So there, everyone. YOU BEEN TOLD.

Things I did this weekend:

* Got all my chores done on Saturday morning so I could do whatever I wanted for the rest of the weekend. This was a good plan.

* Took a walk on the railroad tracks with Francisco yesterday. It was a beautiful day and we talked and made vague but exciting future plans and saw a turtle who desperately wanted to murder us, but alas was too slow. Pictures of the turtle and other things will be posted on Flickr tonight.

* Cooked dinner on Saturday night; it turned out great.

* Knitted Sharky a pair of the ugly slippers he likes yesterday, after he commandeered and subsequently almost fell down the stairs in some black and white mule slippers I was given last Christmas. Also helped him clean up his room after demanding it be done; he whined for about one minute but then got into the spirit of the thing and is glad to be no longer living in a disgusting pigsty. And I do mean disgusting.

* Started Francisco's 2nd sweater sleeve yesterday, finally.

* Made pancakes yesterday morning.

* Watched a not insignificant amount of soccer.

Unfortunately, not all of the Tivo soccer listings (the ones I mentioned last Friday) were games, and about half of the listings that were games were on channels we still don't get, even though we now have the super cable and even though Tivo is listing them. Still, there's more than enough soccer to make us happy, and we sampled various leagues and teams and soccer roundup shows, and so far I still love the Mexican League the best. Oh, and this is neither here nor there, but I found out from the interweb that some people call Marco Rodriguez (our second favorite referee, in case you haven't been playing along at home) "Chiqui-Dracula", which I think means Little Dracula, but I'm not positive.

It's amazing how many things super cable HASN'T given us to watch, because one would expect that suddenly going from basic cable to super cable with 180 channels would provide many more shows to tempt a person to watch television, but fortunately, there's still nothing good on. Well, not Nothing; we're very pleased to have HBO now so we can watch Deadwood (saw the first season on dvd and LOVED it) and Rome, but other than that, meh.

You know how I talked about our plans to buy a yurt? We have, wishy-washily, changed our minds. We both independently came to the conclusion that a yurt would be too nice, and what I mean by that is, the loveliness of the place would make us hesitant to do things like paint a periodic table of the elements on the wall, which is something I would really like to do someday. We talked about where we'd want to live, and we both think an old farmhouse would suit us best, especially since we want to have some land anyway, so now that's our big plan for after Francisco finishes his teaching program. I'm really happy we talked about the yurt thing, because I'd been thinking about it and didn't realize he had been too. We are so lucky, because like everyone, we've both changed a lot since our early 20s (which is when we got married), but we've been fortunate to change in the same ways, so though we want different things than we did when we got married, we still want the same things each other wants. Awesome.#


# I've been casting around for a substitute for awesome, because I'm using it way too much and irritating myself, but I haven't found anything I liked. I took "tubular" for a test drive but it hurt me. Any suggestions? |


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