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This morning at work I was in the bathroom, post-pee, buttoning my pants and whatnot when I heard someone else come in and enter the stall next to me. I exited my stall and went to the sink and the person was having trouble getting their stall to latch. I was washing my hands when the stall reopened and it was a dude in there. He said "This door doesn't want to lock", and I said, "Huh". He started to shut the door again and then stopped. " I in the women's bathroom?". I told him he was, unless I was in the wrong bathroom (knowing full well I was not), so he left and I heard him say "Oh my goodness", as he read the Ladies Bathroom sign. I just laughed. Oh buddy.

Both of my swimsuits arrived in yesterday's mail and this morning after my shower I tried them on. The bikini fits more or less perfectly, and the tankini fits well enough that I don't want to exchange it--the cups of the bra part under the tank are a little small, but it's fine. It will work. Now I need to order a cover-up and a pair of flip flops that are super comfortable. Suggestions? For either, really, but mainly the flip flops.

The weekend was pretty good, but not overly productive. Lou's party on Friday night was fun--it was an all-kid party, so we stayed out of the kids' way and helped a bit, but not a lot; Twyla had things pretty well in hand. Lou liked all her presents, or at least convincingly acted like she liked them, and the kids all seemed to have a great time. Francisco's mom stayed at our place Friday and Saturday nights, and having her there was fine. Enjoyable, even, aside from her expectation that she would be waited on, which was actually fine too since I expected her to expect to be waited on. When you accept something in advance, it is not able to annoy you, right? Anyway, she left at about 9:00 a.m. Sunday and I was free to enjoy the rest of the day. We didn't have many trick-or-treaters on Saturday night--not nearly enough to justify the 3 bags of candy I bought, but Francisco and his mom helped out in the eating of it, and on Sunday I ate some of it too. This is noteworthy because I hadn't had any significant amount of processed sugar for months, but I'd been craving something sugary for the whole previous two weeks and decided to give the body what it seemed to want so desperately. Result: I got dizzy and stayed that way for a good two hours. Decision: Stay away from processed sugar! I'm not craving sugary things anymore, though, so I can't 100% regret the candy binge. It at least quelled the beast within.

Oh, also this weekend I went to the thrifts (did not find any good Christmas presents, dammit. will look harder next time) and had a total Sheldon Cooper moment at the Goodwill because they'd moved the cameras to a different place and there were only like 2 anyway. I was getting all agitated and twitchy looking for my cameras MY PRECIOUS CAMERAS, and then finally I asked somebody and she said they just weren't getting many cameras anymore. I think that is at least semi-horseshit, because they used to have loads of them and there's no way they were all boughten, especially those sucky black with gold writing focus free Vivitars, but whatever. I shouldn't be looking at cameras anyway; I should be looking for gifts. I love doing secondhand Christmas!! But I might have mentioned that last year or the year before.

A little while ago BroCo was eating candy out at the counselor desk, and I knew it was Smarties just from the crinkle of the wrapper. My childhood was not exactly packed with educational experiences, but I did gain a pretty thorough knowledge of television theme songs and candy wrapper noises. And by golly, that's SOMEthing.


PS Gorgeous E courtesy of Daily Drop Cap, which I love so much. They're intended for the beginning of the first sentence of a blog post, but how could I not conclude with that E? I couldn't not conclude with it, that's how.



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