today I wore a mustache for a few hours; it was fun


Hello. Here are some things I would like to tell you today:

It's Lou's 8th birthday! I've had her present for two weeks because she is the easiest person I shop for; she has a lot of interests and she tells me what they are. She's having a party tonight that we will attend, and we will laugh at the children and then go home early-ish so Francisco can get enough sleep; he works at 6:00 tomorrow morning. His mother is staying with us tonight and I believe we're all ready to receive her, but I'm sure she'll think of something I've missed.

I still have the shingles pain, but it's starting to subside in places on my back. Unfortunately not everywhere, and it's also worked its way around to my chest, so there's that. I finished my 5x a day medicine on Wednesday and was glad because that med schedule was starting to get me down. I don't like to stay up late, so I was having to get up at 5:00 every day (even on the weekend! outrage!) to take the first pill so I could end up taking the last one at 9:00 pm and then fall into bed. Hey, fatigue is a symptom of shingles; I'm not pathetic all on my own. It's only about 80% me. Anyway, I still don't have the rash and am so grateful for that. If it didn't hurt so much, shingles would be kind of fascinating in a way. A virus that lies dormant in your skin for years and years (post chickenpox) and then becomes activated through an unknown trigger? Pain (and usually a rash) that follows a nerve from your spine around to your front? It's amazing! I'm glad it's starting to go away.

Last night I bought swimsuits for our trip [not as much fun as I anticipated, due to a lack of immediate availability of tops in my size], and this weekend I will be a list making fool. I might even start working on the Esther Notebook to leave for Kristin, my student coworker who will be house/catsitting while we're gone. I also need to do some Christmas shopping; I want to be able to take my family's presents down to Eugene when we go there for Thanksgiving. So these are the things I will probably do and some other things also, but Lou's party tonight is my only real plan. Life is good!

Oh, one tiny Hawaii thing: Francisco said today that he finalized our itinerary and decided not to book us into the all-inclusive resort place for our last two nights after all, because he said he thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy it after I found out how much it cost. I asked how much and he said $600 per night. He is absolutely right; I would hate to spend that much money and am glad he changed that plan. I don't need to stay anywhere fancy--I'll just be happy to be spending time with him.

Okay, I have to go now. Happy Halloween!




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