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In the past ten days, Francisco has acquired both glasses and contact lenses, despite having near-perfect vision. He told our eye doctor that he wanted Super Vision, so she ordered glasses, but then once he had those and experienced the awesomeness of Super Vision, he wanted to take it one step further with the contact lenses. The lenses are an adjustment for him, but he's getting used to them. The main problem for him is putting them in; he's having a hard time keeping his eye open whilst inserting the lens. I saw why that was after watching his attempts--he was absolutely Jamming the lense onto his eyeball. What eye Wouldn't try to close under those circumstances? I told him he needs to barely touch his eye when putting the lenses in, so he's working on that. I guess his main problem is that everything he does, he does to the MAX, so it's hard for him to take it down a notch. He'll get there and hopefully he won't put out an eye on the way.

This weekend I accomplished very little. I did a bit of organizing and purging of things and I ordered some clothes off the internet for our Hawaii trip. I had intended to do a lot more than that, but right now my escapist behaviors are running rampant, so I spent far too much time on the internet and then regretted it. I need to work on regretting things in advance so I won't do the regrettable thing in the first place. New Resolution!

Oh I'm so happy we get tomorrow off [Veterans Day]. Francisco's been on early shift the last two days (he works at 4 a.m. and has to get up at 2:30) and that disturbs my sleep, but then last night Esther decided to tell me how much she wanted to cuddle (this happened at like 1:30) and then tell me all the ways in which I was proving a dissatisfying cuddler. And when I was just typing that I remembered how, during the unsatisfying cuddle, I took a moment to flex the fingers of my left hand, which had been trapped under her belly for the prior 45-ish minutes, and when I did so Esther was apparently in mid-yawn and ended up accidentally biting my hand which I had put too near her mouth. Last night was not the greatest for sleeping, is what I'm trying to say, and I can hardly wait to have a bit of a lie-in [I will be pretending I'm British] tomorrow morning and catch up.

Last night Francisco picked me up after work because my bike tires were about half flat and riding to work in the morning was a huge pain--he brought the pickup and loaded my bike in the back. We stopped at the Thai place and got 'fresh rolls' and Tom Kha Gai soup and then we went home and ate dinner while watching the Liverpool-Birmingham City game. It was a 2-2 draw, and I'm disappointed we didn't win, but it was a good game to watch. But OY the injuries! Most of our very best players are out with injuries now (2 more after last night) and it makes me sad. Fortunately Javier Mascherano is still in good condition, because he makes the games so much more entertaining. Francisco and I have noted that Mascherano was probably very much like Julian (remember him?) when he was a kid, so I'm thinking I might go talk to Julian's grandmother after the new indoor soccer space (which BroCo told me about today) is done. If Julian can channel his aggression into sports, there's no telling how far he could go.

Okay, so do you remember how I used to play at doing "features" here? Like Song of the Day, Photo of the Day, etc? Today I thought of a new one I want to do, that would be more like a weekly thing or a whenever I get around to it thing. I'm going to call it Brits I Love and it will be pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I watch BBC America frequently and have developed a fondness for a lot of British people, so why not talk about them? Especially when I so often run short of other things to talk about? It's perfect. Today's Brit I Love is Alan Carr. It would be hard to express how much I love Alan Carr, but if you click that link you can watch loads and loads of YouTube videos and will fall in love with him your ownself. He's so campy and silly and self-deprecating in exactly the way I enjoy, and I hope you'll give him a try. He makes me laugh and laugh and I wish he would come live in my pocket.

That's all for today. Kiss kiss love love,



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