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Hello Internet,

I hate that I've been updating so seldom, but when I have time to update I never seem to have anything to say. What I can report to you today is as follows:

1. Yesterday Tommy the Rookie lent me the movie Superbad and I in turn lent him Shaun of the Dead. Francisco and I watched Superbad last night and laughed a lot. My favorite parts were the conversations between Seth and Evan, and the dick drawings during the credits. And the soundtrack was great. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of a possible 4--it helps that I have a childish sense of humor.

2. Today Francisco did the last things in the rental house (shampooing carpets; mopping floors) so we can give it back to the landlord. I am THRILLED to have only one house to worry about from now on; it is a huge load off my mind and I'm looking forward to organizing, painting, and etc in our new house, starting with getting the miscellaneous stuff off the floor in the living room and off the dining room table.

3. I'm leaving a week from tomorrow for Catie's birthday party, and I'm worried. Almost all the mountain passes are closed today and have been for the past several days (two days ago the whole interstate was closed west of our town, which meant our town's hotels were full up), and I am concerned the bad weather will drag on and interfere with my travel plans. It Probably won't--it would be unlikely for the weather to be so bad for so long--and I'm trying to remember that, but then my brain will sneakily whisper "what if there's another big storm next Thursday?" If I can't get to Seattle to catch my plane, I am going to be S A D, so let's just say that the weather will be good for sure, okay? Okay.

4. My two favorite student coworkers like to proclaim things to be "amazing"; usually facetiously. Today during my lunch hour I idly image googled the word "amazing", and this was the number one result:

this photo is the number one result when you image google the word "amazing"

That makes me laugh.

5. Speaking of my two favorite student coworkers, we've decided to do a cd exchange just between the 3 of us, so this weekend I get to make some mix cds. Yay! I enjoy that.

6. I weaseled out of going to knitting group tonight, because I've just not been feeling well this week (tired, congested) and don't feel like sitting upright in a chilly room for two hours. I know this violates the saying YES scheme, but it's only temporary; I'll be saying YES again in no time, don't you worry.

7. Tonight we're having omelettes for dinner, with salad and hopefully bread. That sounds like just the perfect thing, and maybe I could semi-recline when consuming it, because I think that would make it extra delicious.

8. We watched Pan's Labyrinth last weekend (got from Netflix). It was beautiful and good and sad and I completely see why all the reviewers stressed that it's not a children's movie.

That's all.




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