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On Saturday I wrote a Craigslist ad for my bicycle gang, and granted it is not my best work, but still I expected the ad to generate some interest. I have been optimistically checking my hotmail account for people clamoring to be in the gang, but so far nothing. I may have to advertise on the university's classifieds.

This weekend I got so many things done, it was great. Mainly what I'm pleased about is getting a lot of stuff put away and organized or sorted for the Goodwill. We're shedding things like crazy right now, and I'm really happy about that. One of Catie's recent goals was "Continue with decluttering. BE RUTHLESS!", which I liked, and the whole time I was going through things I was thinking BE RUTHLESS!. It was quite helpful. This weekend I also made cds to exchange with my student coworkers (I made a two cd set for each because there were too many good songs I just Had to include), but only just this morning when I was glancing over the song listings again did I realize I had accidentally included Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" on both cds. Dammit! That makes me mad. It's a waste of a space where I could've put a whole OTHER kickass song. Annoying.

Friday night the Shark had an indoor soccer game in Yakima that he was riding to with one of his friends/teammates, so Francisco and I decided to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant and use the gift certificate our realtor had given us at our house closing. It was a good time there, as usual. The guy I call the Town Troubadour was in attendance, playing his guitar and singing, as he always is on Fridays, and this time on one of his breaks he talked to us. Mostly he told us about the new cd his band is releasing soon, and he and Francisco briefly discussed Jethro Tull. Then later when Francisco wasn't at the table and the troubadour was on another break, he wandered past again and mentioned that the new cd has a lot of saxophone on it, and he asked me if I like saxophone. I said, "Um. Kind of." Meaning "I absolutely hate the saxophone but am reluctant to say so, since you have so much of it on your new cd.", but fortunately he did not seem to understand the sub-text to my statement. We ended up buying his first cd (which has no saxophone that I could hear) that evening, and it's okay, but I prefer it when he sings other people's music. [subtext = his lyrics are somewhat lacking in profundity]

So, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I was sort of thinking I might watch a few minutes of it, just to try and fit in, but by the time I was ready to watch it, it was over. Eh. We got to watch Liverpool vs. Sunderland on Saturday, and Liverpool won, which is a good thing, considering Sunderland is 16th in the league and Liverpool is 5th. Our boys have not been playing very well the last few weeks--it is vexing--but of course we're still behind them 100%.

Francisco called a few minutes ago to say Sharky's got a friend over and he's going to stay for dinner. When Francisco conscientiously asked the friend if he was allergic to any foods, the boy said, "No, no. Just wheat." And he wasn't joking. JUST wheat?? Hopefully he likes teriyaki, because that's what we're getting. I mean, we have no problem working around someone's wheat allergy, but it's not always easy to do at a moment's notice.

This morning I changed the background on my computer monitors to a photo that is making me so happy. It's of my brother-in-law when he was a kid, shaking the hand of Darth Vader. Not the REAL Darth Vader, of course, but I'm not sure little kid Sonny was aware of that, because he was absolutely Beaming. It's just so cute, and when this job is getting me down (approximately every 5 minutes) I can look at that joyous little face and it cheers me right up. I wish y'all could see this photo, but it's restricted to friends and family only on Flickr, so I can't show you. You'll just have to take my word for the cuteness.

And now I go home to my wheat-free dinner.




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