everybody's working on the weekend, or maybe it's just me


Last night when I was falling asleep I for some reason started thinking about that Waterworld movie. Specifically what I was thinking about was the land they were trying to get to all along and finally made it to at the end, because if that was the only land left on the whole planet, then it must have been Mount Everest, right? Since that's the highest place we've got? I think that ending would've been better if they'd shown oxygen tanks and skeletons scattered around amongst the tropical foliage, but it's too late now.

Yesterday I was super tired, so all I did was make a loaf of bread (bread machine) and vacuum everything in the rental house--not just floors but shelves and walls and drawers and ceiling fans and etc. Today I have to go back and clean the bathroom and kitchen, and I am REALLY not looking forward to it, especially the cleaning of the refrigerator. Francisco is going to use his days off next week to get the carpets cleaned and move the tables and stuff out of the backyard, since we have to turn it back over to the landlord on Friday. I will be so glad to have only one house to think about from now on, I can't even tell you.

And now I'm going to do a load of laundry.




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