the little piggy who had none


I feel good today. I slept in until 6:00 and Esther didn't bug me or lay in my foot space, and except for that dream fight I had with my mom, it was glorious. Lately I've been setting my alarm for 5:10 to give myself ample time to use the treadmill and then drink coffee and get ready in a leisurely fashion, but my left ring toe is infected from where I accidentally clipped it a little this weekend when trimming my toenails, and I haven't been doing any unnecessary treadmilling until it heals. Who knew a toe that small could hurt so much? Not me, that's who. My toe is getting better now, but feel free to add me to your prayer chain if you want.

Listen, my big excitement this week (and this is so minor you will absolutely roll your eyes. you Should roll your eyes. I command you to roll your eyes!) is I finished knitting a hat I started way back in September. I had gotten within 3 inches of finishing the main part after about one day of knitting, but then I stopped working on it and put it aside for months. Who knows why; my ways are mysterious. Anyway, I finished up the hat part on Sunday and added the embellishments on Monday and Tuesday nights, and I'm super happy with the way it turned out, and now I want to hurry up and knit something else. Maybe this weekend I can start something new, but maybe instead I'll be watching episode after episode of Weeds (we're about to start season 5). You just can't predict these things.

Actually you know what, that is NOT my big excitement this week. My big excitement is that last night Francisco finished up this round of night shift and will start his two months of day shifts on Monday. I'm having to resist the urge to belt out Day Man (aAAaaaa) and I'm just so happy to be able to see him 7 NIGHTS A WEEK for awhile. This latest round of night shift had me not seeing him from Sunday night to Thursday night, and that was unsatisfactory.

Hey, do you watch The Venture Bros? I started watching recently, and man is it funny. I got the first disk from Netflix last weekend and Francisco and I have been watching the episodes separately but we're both loving it. Oh, and speaking of televisionish things, tonight I am going to watch The Insider for the first time ever to see celebrity hoarder Lindsey Lohan tour Niecy Nash around her house. It's 100% trash tv but come ON how can I not tune in for that? The ad for the episode shows a whole bedroom full of shoes, and there are huge piles of stuff all over the place, and OH I hope Clean House does a celebrity episode where they clean out Lindsey's place because I would absolutely watch that too. I like Clean House anyway so it would not be a sacrifice.

To wrap up, at work this is our slow time, and I'm so bored I can't even tell you. I'm even looking forward to the stress of having way too much to do, which will happen after we start working on summer and next year simultaneously. I can hardly wait! When I start complaining in a few months about how swamped I am, you should feel free to punch me in the kidney.




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