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Jeez. Someone got hit by a car a half block from here, at a crosswalk notorious for pedestrian injuries. I could see the scene (cop cars, ambulance, fire truck) from my window, and it didn't look like the woman was hurt too badly (she was sitting on a bench while the paramedics tended her), but still, that has got to SUCK. I feel so bad for her.

Well, hello. Today I had lunch with my friend, Jason, and I gave him the salt and pepper shakers I bought for him a few months ago (they're copies of these green and orange 70's ones I have, which are in turn copies of ones my parents had when I was a kid). I didn't feel like digging out the wrapping paper--it's under the bed and I know the box has gotten shoved back too far to reach easily--so I took them to work unwrapped and used a sheet of fun foam to make a pouch for them. Yes, I keep fun foam at work; is there something weird about that? After they were enpouchelated I glued googly eyes and a mustache (yes, I keep googly eyes and mustaches at work. what.) to it, et voila! A package! I'm pretty pleased that the fun foam made such good wrapping paper, and I'm going to wrap a lot of things with it from now on.

I'm so, so happy we have a three day weekend. Francisco has to work Monday, so I won't see him during the day that day, but I can have dinner ready for him when he gets home. He's always so hungry from his day of chasing down perps. On Wednesday he participated in a high speed chase and he said it was so much fun. He told me how quickly he got from one town to another one that's about 50 miles away (during the high speed chase), and I calculated he was driving about 140 mph. I don't like it, but at least he and no one else was hurt, and the driver and passenger they were chasing gave themselves up at the end instead of starting a shootout (they had a gun). I'm glad I only hear about these things after the fact.

Okay, gotta run. Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!!




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