once again boredom leads to trouble


I have been absolutely bored out of my MIND at work for the past week or so. We don't have many slow times at my job, but we do have some and this is one of them. I got so desperate I went to a coworker's office and started taking his revision requests, and he (in what I am SURE was a passive-aggressive move) asked me to do a section of this policy and procedure thing we have to write up. I took it, because there was absolutely no way to refuse it without tacitly acknowledging him as more the expert in that sort of thing, but now I don't really know what to do with it (it involves some stuff I don't know about) and I've been putting it off even though it's the only thing I have to do right now. In future I will stay out of his office and let his revision requests molder on the shelf like they'd been doing already for a couple of weeks and he can just remain buried under the stupid massive piles of work that he took on as a way to curry favor with the two bosses. Anyway, to sum up: I have to tackle this horrible policy and procedure thing today and I am NOT HAPPY.

You know what term needs to be updated for the times? "Index finger". I became aware of this need this morning because my right index finger hurts and in the course of complaining about it I realized that nobody ever has to shuffle through index cards anymore, now that everything is on computers. I propose "blame finger" as the new term for this phalange. If you have other proposals, please to leave a comment. **

Today is round two of Bright Colors Friday, because one of my student coworkers wasn't here last Friday for the first round, and she was bummed she could not participate. I decided to go a different way with the bright colors today; I am wearing a black skirt and black shirt, with hot pink tights and a bright orange scarf. Last Friday the outfit was turquoise pants, red shirt, pink cardigan, pink shoes, but don't worry; no one was permanently blinded. I took a picture last Friday but can't bear to post it to the internets due to Extreme Generalized Nonphotogenicness. Hey, it's a real thing!

Listen, I started a new blog, but only as a side thing--this is officially still my diary. The new blog is about the interesting stuff Francisco encounters in his job, and I'm writing it because he did not have interest in writing it himself, but there are some things he sees/gets involved with that are too good not to share. If you have any interest, the blog is here, but just so you know, right now there are only two entries.

I'm so happy it's Friday. This weekend I want to finish projects I didn't get to finish last weekend, and also sleep. I have an accumulated tiredness from not sleeping well on the nights Francisco's not home, and I'd love to catch up a little. I hope you have a great, restful weekend.


** After I already typed this out, it occurred to me that "index finger" might not be referring so much to shuffling through index cards as putting your finger on a written index as a way to keep your place or something. I asked BroCo which he thought it was and he thinks it's the written index, so he has RUINED EVERYTHING, though he did suggest "left click finger" as the new term, and that's pretty good.



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