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You know how my New Year's resolution was to say YES to things I might otherwise not? I went against that on Wednesday night, when a nervous-sounding guy called me out of the blue to ask if I'd be willing to photograph him and his wife, nude, but "with nothing gross happening or anything like that". While he was talking to me about this potential job (by the way, he got my number from the yellow pages--starting my photography business got me in there automatically), I was thinking fast about my say YES thing, but the bottom line is 1) I don't have any kind of lighting gear, and I would need it for that job 2) I'm not very good at portraits. I want to get better with them but right now I kind of suck. I also quickly imagined what it would be like to try and photograph this nude couple when I've never even had experience photographing CLOTHED strangers; the prospect made me quail. So I said I thought he'd be better served with an experienced portrait photographer, and he said thanks and hung up, but there's still this little piece of me that regrets not saying YES, even though my reasons for declining are valid. I can't help but wonder if somehow the opportunity would have led to something really cool, you know? I mean, I could've become known as the premiere photographer of nude couples (sans gross things happening) in the whole central Washington area! Universe, if that's my destiny, please give me another chance to say YES.

So, I had my special Friday morning breakfast, and it was delicious.

Friday morning breakfast

To make the day even more special, I'm wearing my favorite of the skirts I bought last weekend and a spritz of the cologne I've been hoarding for several years because there's only a little left in the bottle and it's been discontinued. It's Estee Lauder's Honeysuckle Splash and it smells super good. If anyone knows of a different honeysuckle cologne out there, please to let me know.

Francisco picked me up from work yesterday and zipped me home so we could go for a short bike ride before dinner (if we postponed it until after dinner, it would never have happened). It was fun and I'm glad we went because I haven't been riding my bike much, but I want to ride it more, and the more I do it the less I'll have a mental block against doing it. Do you know what I mean, or am I the only freak who is inexplicably afraid to do easy things?

Today Francisco's working on painting the sun porch. He's doing the trim first (it's this weird grey--he's painting it white) and then he'll move on to the walls, which will be sort of a dark orangey pink. What I wanted was the exact color of the inside of a pink grapefruit, but I couldn't be arsed to take a grapefruit to the paint store, so we got something that seemed close. After the walls, he'll paint the floor (same color as the walls but a darker shade, in heavy-duty floor paint), and then we can decorate/furnish the place. I'm v. excited to have the porch looking all pretty; it'll be a nice place to hang out.

The college I work for is demolishing the 3 buildings across the street, and it's been pretty fun to watch, but what I'm loving about it even more than the actual demolition is that every single person who passes by pauses to watch what's going on. There is not a man, woman, or child in town who isn't enjoying the demolition; it is uniting people across age, race, and income/education levels. I'm not sure what this says about us (or about me, for thinking about it to this extent), but does it matter? It is some quality demolition and we are right to be enjoying it.

Oh, but the demolition frequently emanates horrible screechy metal noises that for a split second sound like the Tardis landing. Or at least it sounds like that to me. Makes me wistful. I do so love me the Doctor Who nowadays, as does Francisco. We've been getting the episodes via Netflix and devouring them.

Tomorrow is (as you know) the first day of summer, which means I will get my Summer Burn email telling me the names and addresses of my two recipients. I wasn't positive I wanted to participate this year, but I signed up anyway, and fortunately I am now in the mood to do it. So I'll work on my playlist this weekend, and also this weekend I'm sure I'll put in some work on the sun porch and also in the room upstairs (will probably do more work upstairs) in support of our effort to transform it into the tv room/office. What I'm most looking forward to with that room is installing all my craft stuff up there, including setting up my sewing machine on the table which shall be mine, so it is always accessible. I will take some before and after pictures so you can see, if you want. No pressure.

At Catie's recommendation I've been reading The Poisonwood Bible, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I have decided that I want to be ready for bed at 8:30 from now on so I can get in bed and read for awhile before sleeping. That didn't work out so well on Monday or Tuesday of this week, but Wednesday and yesterday I followed through on the plan, and I think it is sound. I've noticed I sleep a lot faster when I read myself into drowsiness, and I don't care that my bedtime is geriatrically early; I get up at 5-ish, and I need my 8 hours. You're mocking me aren't you. Haters.

That's all I have to tell you today. In a little while I'll go home to Francisco and dinner and Doctor Who. I can hardly wait to see the sun porch! Francisco says the color is looking good but needs another coat.




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