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When we were in Seattle for the Canada/Brazil friendly, we made a trip to Uwajimaya (fantastic Asian store -- has groceries, housewares, and also prepared food INCLUDING BUBBLE TEA), and I bought two boxes of these, which I realize are Dutch, but they're in the Indonesian section, which totally makes sense. No really, it does. ANYWAY. I've bought the chocolate sprinkles before and they are truly delicious, and my favorite thing to eat them on is peanut butter toast, especially if you peanut butter the toast immediately after it's toasted and then put the sprinkles on right away too, so that the toast is still warm enough to melt the chocolate. I have decided to only eat the sprinkles that way, and to only eat them on Fridays, since this will make me look forward to Friday even more than I already do. This Friday will be my first day of peanut butter and chocolate sprinkle toast, and MAN I can hardly wait. I eat oatmeal every other weekday, so having that breakfast on Fridays will be really cutting loose--it will be Such a treat.

It's been real busy at work today, so this hot news about the peanut butter/chocolate sprinkle toast is all I have time to tell you. Tune in tomorrow when, if you're very lucky, I may issue a press release about hot beverages I like. Tantalized? You SHOULD be!




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