I left some important stuff out of my update from yesterday. That stuff is as follows:

1) We had a wonderful visit with Catie and Andy--just a really great time. We didn't do anything too huge, other than visit the Chimp center on campus and walk all hunched over and keep our teeth from showing so as not to rile the chimps. That was fun. We also visited Roslyn and had various good meals and conversations. Francisco* and Andy went out and shot guns a little bit, but Catie and I chose to do some light shopping instead. Anyway, I love Catie and Andy so much and wish we could be their next door neighbors. In this scenario it would be they that move, via magic if possible, so the move would be painless.

2) The Saturday after my big week of sickness we went to the Brazil/Canada friendly in Seattle. It was really more than I was up for at that point, but the tickets were already bought (by our friends) and they were Expensive, so I sucked it up and made the trip. Other than the complete debacle that was the entrance gate (to Qwest Field), which was being manned by maybe 3 people scanning tickets while hundreds of people waited in line, causing us to miss the first minutes of the game, it was quite fun. I put a few pictures on Flickr if you want to see them.

3) While in Eugene I bought some new bras, at a lingerie store that carried odd sizes. I had been wearing 34DDDs, because the triple Ds were the biggest cup size I could find in most stores, but I came home with one 34H and two 36Js. I mention the sizes specifically to illustrate just how wrong a size I had been squeezing into. Never again! The Js are my favorite (same bra, different colors); I keep looking at my rack and thinking I can almost like it now, because it looks so much better. The fitting was kind of a funny experience due to the number of saleswomen who looked at my chest (before looking at my face) and assessed it, but it was great and I would encourage all women who might be wearing the wrong size to get fitted because I cannot tell you how much difference it makes to be wearing the correct size bra. Amazing. I mean REALLY.

4) Yesterday we went to the Goodwill and I bought two shirts and 4 skirts, because it's gotten quite warm here now and (thanks to Catie) I've decided this should be the Summer of the Skirt. I washed all the clothes right away and today am wearing the cutest shirt and a skirt I already had but had only worn maybe 5 times in the 4 years since purchasing it. I should probably take a photo, actually, due to how much I love this shirt. Then you could also see how great my boobies look.

5) Does it bother you when I talk about my boobies, Internet? I just figure we've been friends for such a long time we can talk about these things. Let me know if that's not true.

Here are some good things resulting from the Shark's absence, that we've discovered so far:

-- Eating: We can have tofu for dinner as often as we want, and no one will complain about it. We do not need to buy two gallons of milk twice a week. We can buy yogurt and count on it being in the refrigerator for longer than 1 day. There are loads of other things (besides tofu) that we can now buy and make for dinner without complaints. This is very good.

-- General: I don't have to worry about how late the Shark gets home when he goes out with friends--my brother can be the one to lay awake listening for the door now. Another general good thing is not having to deal with any messes the Shark makes. I mean, we always made him clean up after himself, but he did such a horrible job of it that we'd end up doing the Real cleaning up. Oh, also no more last minute requests for things he needs to take to school and knew about a week in advance but we only get like 15 minutes notice to produce things like 5 or 6 two liter bottles of soda.

-- Television: Our TiVo won't be cluttered with crap anymore--I deleted all the Shark's season passes and wish lists and it felt so good. So long, Wild and Out! Take it easy, Boondocks! [Actually that show could be pretty funny, but I'd still rather not have it all the time recording.] See you never, Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood! Oof, talk about a crap tv show. Hello STAGED.

-- Music: We won't be overhearing the lyrics, "up in the club" anymore, in pretty much every stupid hip-hop/rap song in the Shark's iTunes. I like alternative rap/hip-hop, but the mainstream stuff makes me want to choke some people.

There are more things but I don't want you to think I'm reveling too hard in the Shark's absence. I'm still missing him a bit and am continuing to worry. Once he settles in more in Eugene, I'll feel better, but I know he's feeling tentative and not super happy there right now. He expressed an interest in doing summer school, so he could meet people, and I hope he goes through with it because it's a good idea. The job at the pizza place appears to be less of a sure thing than we were led to believe. I mean, he could work there but it would be very part time and it's all the way across town so he'd have to take multiple buses to get there, and he doesn't want to. There is a chance he Might be able to work as an assistant coach for some kids' soccer team, but I don't know too much about that and am not sure how likely it is to happen. It would be a great job for him--he professes to dislike children but they LOVE him and he's good with them, and plus he loves soccer, as you know. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for that one.

I think this is all for today.


* How ridiculous was it yesterday when I said "the person I call Francisco"? More like "the love of my life who I nicknamed Francisco for diary purposes". Can we pretend that's what I said in the first place? Thanks.



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