Okay, so the sun porch colors are Gorgeous. The walls are not Quite pink grapefruit (I'll take photos so you can see) but they're close enough for us, and the floor is a dark shiny red that goes well with the walls. Francisco did a great job. Now we need to move the lockers into there and get a tall cat tree and build a counter (Francisco will do that) and tile it and get some barstools. And then it will be Done. I can hardly wait!

On Saturday Francisco and I went to the 2 thrift stores in town. I bought a shirt and a couple of cameras--one is a purely decorative Instamatic and the other is a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, pictures from which I have seen on Flickr and they are pretty cool. On Sunday morning I was looking at the Flickr group for that camera and read something about "redscale" photography. I searched for a group about that and of course there is one, and I found out it's a technique wherein you shoot the wrong side of your film and something about that [note: I did not concentrate too hard when reading the explanation] makes your pictures come out red and/or yellowy. The group featured a how-to about respooling film so it's upside down in the camera, and it was easy so I did it and loaded the new Vivitar with it. I brought the camera today and went out at lunch and took lots of what will hopefully be fabulous pictures.

The reason I was out at lunch is because it's my dad's birthday today and I needed to buy him a gift. Obviously the gift will get to him late and I suck, but I'll call tonight to say happy birthday and that the gift is on the way. Buying gifts for my dad is extremely difficult, but I think he'll like what I got (maybe). I went to the gift shop on main street that has loads of weird interesting things; it has never yet let me down when I need a present.

Today I am feeling quite tired, which is annoying because I was in bed at about 7:45 last night. I read until just after 9 and then turned out the light and went to sleep. I'm still loving The Poisonwood Bible and really hope the father gets it in the neck before the end; if he doesn't I'm going to feel very indignant. Anyway, I think my immune system is out thugging, because my sacroiliac is inflamed right now, and probably the tiredness is also from the inflamation, unless it's related to my still-sore (increasingly sore) throat that is leftover from my flu from almost a month ago. I am a Wreck. At any rate, I am not going to let this get me down and I will be super healthy in all my habits and at some point I will feel better, I just know it.

Yesterday I vacuumed out Sharky's old dresser that's upstairs and put all my yarn and fabric in it. It's a 5 drawer dresser and it is Full. I managed to cram all the yarn into three drawers, which left two for the fabric, and pretty soon I will start knitting things, because it's just silly to have so much yarn. Some of it I might give away (the stuff I somehow ended up with and don't like), but most of it is nice and will be kept. Some of the fabric will go too, but a lot of it is super cute and needs to be made into stuff. I'm glad the yarn and fabric has a better home now, especially since I can use the bins it was in to house my other craft stuff. I'm pretty sure I can fit all the other craft stuff into those, and a lot of that stuff will be given away also. I so love purging things.

Francisco recently unearthed our digital camcorder at my request and I have started to film some things. I specifically want to film the cats being adorable, since they are both 15 now and can't be expected to live forever. And SPECIFICALLYspecifically I want to film Esther being adorable, because she is the sweetest and cutest cat ever but no one who meets her can tell that since she is also the rudest cat ever. She isn't afraid of our visitors; she just snubs them by leisurely walking away into another room. This is why I want to get her on film being adorable--I need proof for anyone who has ever visited and received her indifference. After I have gotten the cuteness on film and have edited it, I will post to Flickr for the whole world to see. This means you.

I just this afternoon decided that I'm officially starting my Christmas shopping next weekend. This is because I'm hoping to talk my parents into doing the secondhand/handmade gifts exchange this year, and as far as I know we're doing that with Francisco's family again, so I might as well look for gifts while I'm at the thrift stores anyway. I'll put the gifts I buy in a box in the garage until it's time to wrap. I tell you, it was so much fun to exchange secondhand/handmade stuff last year I'm actually antsy for Christmas this year.

Francisco just called. He went on a long bike ride out of town and then one of his tires blew out, so I'm going to pick him up (the boss said it was fine) because otherwise he'd have to walk 6 miles back to town. Silly rabbit.




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