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Regarding the moonshine I spoke of yesterday [for those who are curious], it isn't mine--mores the pity--and I only had maybe an ounce, but hoo-WEE it packed a wallop. The moonshine is in a mason jar in my sister's freezer, and it was given to them by a neighbor who got it from another neighbor. It's actually good; who Knew? Francisco got it right when he said it tasted like whiskey at an early point in its development, before it's aged in barrels. Anyway, that's the lowdown on the moonshine; I only wish the story included running from the law in the General Lee and jumping over Old Hickey's Creek because the bridge was out. WHY MUST WE BE SO COUTH?

I have little to report today. Last night we had dinner and watched Rome and an Argentinian soccer game--Boca Juniors vs. River Plate (el super clasico). The game looked promising at the start, what with tons of fouls and injuries, but ended as a 0-0 tie. But here's something that needs to be said: Rodrigo Palacio, while surely a wonderful person, has the most distracting and wrong hairstyle in the history of hairstyles. See for yourself:

this is a disgrace

I can't even look at Palacio when he's on the television; that retarded rat-tail gets me too agitated and I start daydreaming about journeying to Argentina for the sole purpose of meeting him and cutting that THING off his head. I will probably need to slip him a roofie to see the plan through, since there's absolutely no way I could outrun him. This is a better idea than the one I had before that, which involved lulling him into a false sense of security by having sex with him. Francisco wasn't so big on that plan, even after I explained that it was for the good of all mankind and he would be taking one for the team by letting me go ahead with it. He can be so selfish.

Songs of the Day:

Green Day -- I Fought the Law, at Work For It.

Hector Lavoe -- El Dia De Mi Suerte, at A Best Truth. There's a LOT of good Latin music there; you should poke around.

Blind Boy Fuller -- Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay, at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff.

I may not be able to write tomorrow, because I'll be out of the office for much of the day for a horrendous meeting I really don't want to go to, but I'll see what I can do.

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